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My hood

I google’d the street I live on because that’s what you do when you don’t want to go to bed just yet.  I was interested to see if I could find anything easy-to-find about the street and the buildings on it.  Google probably isn’t the best to find real true “stories” but I did find an article from the New York Sun that talks about nothing but West 72d St, which now happens to be my home.


I live right across the street from the buildings talked about at 137 and 139 W. 72nd St and they are what I see when I look out my windows.  How freakin’ cool is that???

If You Seek Amy

That’s the title of one of Britney Spears’ new songs and if you say it just right, it is also highly juvenile yet HILARIOUS.  I can’t believe one of her songs is titled that.

WELL!  Here’s where things stand now that it’s 2009 –

  • I now have TWO apartments and ONE house.  I have officially become a real-estate mogul.  Okay, that’s taking it a bit too far.  But right now my name is associated with the Riverwalk apartment in Jersey, my soon-to-be swank UWS apartment, and my house in Colorado.  Oy.   A lesser person would pass out from the stress.  Me?  I just develop panic attacks!  LOL. 
  • Concerning the oh-so-awesome new apartment, I got the keys last week before New Years.   Before I went home to Los Angeles for Christmas (more on that later), I bought a new 52" Samsung flat-panel LCD TV which is effing AWESOME.  I was going to buy it from Best Buy, but those bitches had a) the nerve to not have a delivery date for it before JANUARY 20 (yes, still in our future) and 2) not even have the TV I wanted in stock in any of the 6 stores around the NYC area and iii) I know I mixed up the listing increments.  I did that for Jenny.  She has a love of the Bart that is the ultimate in unrequited love so I thought I’d give it some appreciation.  BWahahahahaqhahahahahahaha1!111111111!!!!!
    • I ended up using Crutchfield.com and man, I wonder why anyone would buy big-ticket electronics anywhere else.  I got the same price I would have paid for a lesser TV for the much higher-end model, FREE shipping, and no sales tax.  SahhhhWEEET.  They ended up delivering that this past Friday (Jan 2nd) to my empty apartment.  And it is awesome to behold.  I also bought from Crutchfield a matching TV stand and Larry & I built that yesterday and today, having fair to satisfactory success. I say that because the floor in my apartment is not what one would call ‘level’.  It took a bit of work to make it okay.  But once I put a lot more stuff in the place, it won’t look wrong.
    • Yesterday we went to Macy’s where I bought a new couch since I had sold all my previous couches before moving away from Colorado.  I got a Macy’s card and got it on 12-months same-as-cash, which is YAY!  Free shipping on the couch too, which is a 4-pc sectional.  Comfy.  I’ll get that this upcoming Friday, after…
    • …the movers come move me out of my current digs in West New York!  I set that up for Thursday which is all sorts of stress-inducing for me.  I hate moving with a passion.  I wish it was just over.  It soon will be, but still.  Hate it.
    • So come this upcoming weekend – well, I think I’ll have a pretty fucking awesome place. 
  • Christmas in Los Angeles!  Yes – I flew back to Los Angeles from the 23rd through to the 28th.  It was so great to get back home and see Mom and Harv, as well as a whole lot of other friends and family. 
    • The first day back, Harv picked me up and for dinner Mom had got us El Pollo Loco!!!!!  I heart El Pollo Loco and really wish it existed out here in NYC, just like I wish the Noodles chain from Colorado Springs was out here too.  <sigh> 
    • The first family outing was on Christmas Eve when we partook in the Sperske annual Christmas Eve celebration, although many of the cousins/kids didn’t make it this year, so it was a relatively quiet time.  Doesn’t mean I didn’t have a good time though seeing all my aunts and the cousins who did show up.  It’s always fun when this family gets together!
    • On Christmas Day, we went over to our friends EB & Andrea’s house in Monrovia, and of course had EB’s world-famous prime rib.  I ate far too much and literally had a food headache after getting back home that night.  It’s a good thing, but not really.  But it was so delicious!
    • The day after Christmas, I got to spend some time with my buds Mila and Sveta.  Mila came over in the early afternoon and picked me up and we began our Memory Tour ’08 in style, first going to Target.  Mila likes to pretend she celebrates Christmas and definitely enjoys the after-Christmas sales on all holiday items.  Then we went to BURGER BASKET(!) which is one of our cherished childhood places to eat.  We would eat there all….the….time.  We also swung by MHS and took some pictures (all my pictures are still on my camera for a little bit longer – sorry!).  We then headed out to North Hollywood where Sveta lives and we crested the Hollywood Hills and drove around West Los Angeles and ate at our spot, The Stinking Rose ( a great garlic-y restaurant).  It is never a dull moment with all of us together.  I really really hope those two can make it out to visit me this spring.  It would be redonk.  After dinner we drove around some of the Hobie highlights, including around and in UCLA and Westwood as well as various locales throughout Los Angeles.  It was so strange to see that Bookstar Beverly Connection was actually gone and replaced by an Old Navy!!!!!!!
    • Finally on Saturday, we met up with some of Harv’s brothers and sisters-in-law at Mimi’s Cafe which was awesome as I hadn’t seen them for literally five years.  Then that afternoon my stister Stacie and her husband Phil and two of their boys came over for some Christmas fun. 
    • As you can see, it was non-stop and it was EXHAUSTING.  I loved it, but seriously, that was not what anyone could call ‘relaxing’. 
  • And of course, New Year’s in New York!  This year was a  whole lot better than last year’s (and the year before that, and so on and so on…..) as one, I had someone to kiss that wasn’t family or a friend.  Two, it wasn’t spent alone, which I’ve done far too many times to count as an adult.  Third, it was a blast to celebrate it in New York City.  Shelly’s co-worker (and our friend, of course) Claudia had invited us to where her husband, Gualti, is the head chef at, a restaurant called Revel, in the Meatpacking District.  So Shelly, Larry, and I went along with Claudia and it was a great time.  It was definitely cold as hell outside, and I feel bad for those poor schmoes who felt that Times Square was their place to be to ring in the new year.  No gracias.  But inside the restaurant, where we had a full four-course meal and fantastic wine, the atmosphere was fun and exciting.  And warm.   It was nice to not be crammed into a place where you can’t even sit.  It was especially nice to be amongst friends and of course, Larry.  So yes, I hope this New Year’s celebration was a sign of good things to come. 
  • These last few days, it’s just been a matter of getting everything lined up for the move.  The TV is there and the cable guy was there this morning hooking up my high-speed internet and HD-DVR service.  Yay!  Thursday will be moving and Friday I’ll get a couch.  Saturday night is the loft party!!! Be there or be square (this is what cool people say when they throw parties….)  Larry & I even cleaned the windows today – ugh, those bad boys were Le Filthy. 

Normally I do a wrap-up of the year, and I think I still will.  Probably tomorrow.  But I at least wanted to let you know I was still kicking around and hope that everyone is doing well too.  Here’s to a fantastic 2009!!

Pics of the new place

The original ad has been taken down (sorry Jenny – cute agent photo is now gone) so I wanted to re-post the pictures that were on the ad.  It’s obviously the way it looks with the previous tenant’s stuff in it.  It’ll be interesting to contrast with how it will look in a few months.  I say "few months" because that’s probably how long it’ll take to get it cleaned up and to actually have a decent compliment of furniture in it.  Having to start from scratch is a little painful but hey, it’s worth it.  The first essentials to pick up?  TV, TV Stand, and couch.  

Anyway, here are the pictures:
floorplanwindowstv walkitchenbathroom

PHOTOS: My New Place in the Upper West Side

It’s been a great year and change living in New Jersey with Shelly, but I always knew it was a temporary stepping stone to living on my own again. And preferably, in New York City. Well, after some searching and searching, I ended up finding a place that is unbelievable. It’s a studio, but I am SOOO okay with that. Just look at the pics and you’ll have to agree.

The floorplan to my 550sf UWS studio
The floorplan to my 550sf UWS studio
ATTIC space. Whoooowee.
ATTIC space. Whoooowee.
Great bathroom too.
Great bathroom too.
I like the bed area being near the bathroom.
I like the bed area being near the bathroom.
Looking to the kitchen. Imagine bar stools there instead.
Looking to the kitchen. Imagine bar stools there instead.
Belive you me, MY TV setup will be a lot more impressive.
Belive you me, MY TV setup will be a lot more impressive.
Yeah - these windows are ridiculous. 12-foot-high ceilings too.
Yeah - these windows are ridiculous. 12-foot-high ceilings too.

Movin’ on up (movin on up!) to the Upper West Side!

Where the hell have I been?  Gosh, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Sorry ’bout that, y’all!

What’s the crazy exciting news going on right now, you ask?  I am moving to NEW YORK CITY!  I know, I know, didn’t I do that  over a year ago?  Kinda.  But I was still across the river in Jersey.  Close, but definitely no cigar.  But I knew back in November that I was ready to finally live on my own and most importantly, move into the city.  I’ve been checking listings a lot over the past 30 days.  Mostly through craigslist because hey, it’s free.  Of course, you get what you pay for.  But one listing I clicked through on had a link to the actual site.  The ad in craigslist was actually quite informative so I was impressed enough to follow the link to the real site.  Good move on my part.  The site belonged to this guy who not only puts great pictures of the properties up, he also puts up detailed floorplans (a huge rarity in the online world) and great descriptions.  Here’s the link to it while it’s up of the place I fell in love with online and once I saw it in person, I had to have it:


Go ahead, be jealous.  Sure, it’s ‘only’ a studio.  But DAMN.  It’s a huge giant space with 12′ ceilings.  Those windows are awesome.  It’s in the Upper West Side on a fantastic street (72nd).  It’s a block and a half away from the Dakota (where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived) and Central Park.  My commute to work, via two possible subway routes, is about 15 minutes.  It’s basically ridiculous.  The rent will probably appall anyone who doesn’t live in NYC and the immediate area around it.  I know it’s appalling to me when I really think about it.  But for the area and what I’m getting, it’s incredible.  Also, there’s a freakin’ attic over the kitchen for storage.  Plus, the closet is incredible in that over the two sides where the clothes hang, shelves go up like another 10-12 feet.  You think i’m exaggerating.  I am so not.  I will need a damn Lex Luthor library ladder to get up to the top shelf if I need to.

So that has been an exciting thing to do.  My lease will start Jan 1 but I will also have both places at the same time during January.  Hopefully that will make moving not so stressful.

Other than that – let’s see… it’s been a while but it’s mostly been busy at work or hanging out with Larry.  Thanksgiving I spent with him and his family in Fort Lee, which was a lot of fun.  I am headed home to LA for Christmas though, so look out California!  You’re lucky Prop 8 passed or I may have just got myself gay-married for kicks!

Of course plenty of fun things have happened in the meantime, but I really can’t detail them all.  I’ve been writing like crazy still for RealityNewsOnline but Amazing Race just ended!!! Booo….  They are asking me back to recap the new NBC show “Momma’s Boys.”  I would never watch something like this but if they want me back to write for them, who am I to complain?

I haven’t linked to my stories lately, so let me see if I can find the recent ones and link them here:

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Hopefully my recap of the finale’s Insider videos will be up really soon.

Peace out!