Pics of the new place

The original ad has been taken down (sorry Jenny – cute agent photo is now gone) so I wanted to re-post the pictures that were on the ad.  It’s obviously the way it looks with the previous tenant’s stuff in it.  It’ll be interesting to contrast with how it will look in a few months.  I say "few months" because that’s probably how long it’ll take to get it cleaned up and to actually have a decent compliment of furniture in it.  Having to start from scratch is a little painful but hey, it’s worth it.  The first essentials to pick up?  TV, TV Stand, and couch.  

Anyway, here are the pictures:
floorplanwindowstv walkitchenbathroom

One thought on “Pics of the new place”

  1. Hey Hobie! Just catching up!
    Congrats on your move, your place looks awesome! I’d like to tell you I’m ready to come to visit the big apple, but nah! Reality is, I’m stuck here in the springs until we can get a handle on what’s happening with my hubby’s contract. We are both trying to get jobs with DoDDs over in Germany, but we will see. It’s fun to dream about coming to visit… 🙂
    I hardly ever get to surf at work anymore, since I’m “living the dream” in a scif now. By the time I get home, the last thing I want to do is play on my PC. I will be reading your stuff though, how cool! I didn’t know you’d get to write too! I’m still on
    Hope your Christmas and New Years were great!

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