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Vegas, then New York City! (T-30)

I’m off to Vegas for a few days of fun and debauchery – then I’m off to NYC for my 2nd Interview with NBC!

I’ve been writing about my career search in the Shooting Gallery and will keep it up to date as things go down. NYC will definitely be an awesome opportunity, but if I can’t sell my house…it will be much easier honestly to stay here in Colorado, perhaps. Now that I’m exactly 30 days away from being out, well, it’s a lot more of a reality that I have to find a job!!!! Anyways, here’s the link again if you’re interested:
Shooting Gallery Thread on my Career Search

Besides working on finding a career, there hasn’t been much going on, to be honest. Especially since I was all Mr. Joe Travellots when I went to Chicago and San Diego. But this upcoming week will be interesting, for sure. And then it’s time to say ByeBye to Air Force. Crazy! In the meantime, I seriously can’t wait to go to Vegas – in store for that vacation: gambling, drinking, Hofbrauhaus, pool-lounging, dancing, etc. It’s gonna be awesome.

Anyways, just wanted to check in and let you know what I’m up to. I’ve been watching Big Brother 8 like a fiend as well and commenting on it in the Shooting Gallery here:
Shooting Gallery Thread on Big Brother 8

Also, I finally started posting on DVD Talk’s forums, specifically on Big Brother 8. I’ve been reading that site since 2000, and hadn’t posted until now – it’s a fun audience to discuss the show with, that’s for sure. Especially since no one here in my little crowd is willing to admit they watch the show!!!! Here’s the DVD Talk Big Brother 8 forum thread if you’re interested. They’re already up to 700 posts!!!

Back from San Diego (T-43)

Holy Shit! I really only have 43 days left in the Air Force. It’s actually hard to believe.

But at least the future looks decently bright! Why, you ask? Well, this last conference was a bit more successful than the one in Chicago, as in the industries I interviewed with were a lot more interesting. What was even more interesting for me though was that I was attracted most to the sales jobs that were being offered! I know, go figure. No, I wouldn’t be selling vacuum cleaners or the like, but rather technology. I think I did pretty well in those sales interviews as both companies are interested in having me on, and I think I’m on to the second round, but I’m not sure when I’ll be hearing from them next.

By the way, here’s a link to the Shooting Gallery’s forum link in which I keep as up-to-date as possible on my career search:
Shooting Gallery Thread on my Career Search

In addition to the opportunities found in San Diego, a real exciting opportunity may lie in New York City with NBC! Yep, I interviewed with them last Friday afternoon over the phone and while I wasn’t sure the interview was going very well, at the end of the conversation the interviewer invited me to come to an on-site interview! I hope that it’s not overly technical as in they sit me down in front of a computer and say, “Make it work”. But if it is, well, let’s hope I have my act together and do my best. I would LOVE to take an opportunity in that area for a few years. How exciting would that be???? I just hope it pays decently, if I were to be offered it.

It’s definitely been exciting the last few weeks!

In addition to job hunting this past weekend, I also got to see family! Yep, Mom and Harv came down to San Diego and visited with me on Saturday and a bit of Sunday before I headed off to the conference prep-session. I was staying at Auntie Helen and Uncle Steve’s house in La Mesa, so that saved a LOT of money to stay there and it was also a lot more fun to stay with family than at a boring (expensive) hotel. It was definitely a quick visit, but it was great to see them all. On Monday night, Helen and I went out to dinner with my cousin Erin and Eric plus their son Finn, which was great, as I really haven’t seen them since I don’t know when. And then on Tuesday, Helen and I went to the Indian casino at Viejas, which was quite impressive. It actually reminded me a lot of Red Rock Station – and the casino is definitely high-caliber as opposed to something found in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Just still no craps tables though. But I ended up playing blackjack and for about 4.5 hours, was able to play with $100 and while I was up and down throughout the session, I ended up walking away with a $10 profit! (and that is stellar for me, let me tell you!) I just hope that is a good sign of things to come in Vegas in a few weeks!

Oh yeah, I also had another travel debacle on the way home from San Diego. I was at the airport and going through security, and I was about 4 people back from the actual x-ray portion when my line pretty much stopped. The other lines were going still, and I started getting aggravated. As I started contemplating moving to another line, it dawned on me that then the other lines weren’t moving either. In fact, all sorts of TSA agents and cops started showing up and looking at the monitor on my line’s x-ray machine. And the lines stayed shut down for 2 hours. Yep, they shut down the lines plus also brought everyone in the terminal and some planes back outside to security for a re-screening! It turns out that a TSA agent had noticed a bottle of something in a woman’s bag while it was going through the machine, but somehow the TSA agent ‘lost track of the woman and the bag’….. WHAT THE FUCK????? How do you lose track of someone? If you notice that shit in a bag, you immediately pull that person over to the side and make them dump the bottle. But no, instead, you realize you ‘lost track’ of someone and that means we shut down the airport. Yes, it was fun. Fortunately there was a cool woman to chat with for two hours while we were waiting, but when I finally got to my plane and it took off, I didn’t make my connecting flight in Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs. Luckily I made it on the standby list for the next flight a few hours later, but seriously, how annoying was that? But I (and all my belongings) made it back to the Springs and my house was still intact. yay!

16 July 2007 – Dinner with Erin, Eric & Helen

18 July 2007 – San Diego Airport

And oh yeah, don’t bother me on Saturday. I plan on picking up and reading the last Harry Potter with absolutely no media connectivity till I’m finished reading it. I will NOT be spoiled by the well-intentioned or not media. If it takes me all day and a lots of pizza and soda to read it in one day, then that’s what it will take!!!!!!!

OMG LOL! (T-57)

For those of you not in the know, the above is shorthand for Oh My God Laughing Out Loud.

And here’s why I’m laughing out loud: I just came back from the Peterson AFB Med Clinic because I wanted them to check out a weird mole-y thing I have on my front waist area. I first show the nurse what I’m talking about and then she leaves; the doctor comes in about 20-25 minutes later and I stand up and show him, which requires me to pull the waistband of my BDUs down a little bit but not that much. Anyways, he takes a look at the mole thing and it turns out to be another damn cyst, which isn’t harmful but it is a tad annoying. Apparently my body likes to make those. So that’s a relief and as I’m buttoning up my BDU pants, the Doc segueways and says, “So, do you want to show me your penis?” I kinda stop what I’m doing, and look up at him with my most ‘WTF’ look I can give him. He sees the confusion in my face and continues, “No, seriously, while you’re here, you might as well.” What the hell is he talking about? Am I getting cruised? After my initial shock, I politely respond, “No, I’m good”. He then starts to realize something isn’t right here and says that his assistant said that I was visiting him for a penis thing. I reassure him that the mole was the only thing I was trying to get looked at. Then it really dawns on him what he’s been saying to me, and he goes, “Oh, I swear, I’m not trying to hit on you!” Thanks, Doc. So he starts just laughing, embarassed, and then starts retelling the story to all his nurses in his office, which cracks them all up and the more I think about it as I’m walking out, I’m freakin’ laughing my ass off as I’m leaving the clinic. It was just his matter-of-factness about the whole thing that made it hilarious.

Anyways, that was my funny of the day. I can’t believe I’m leaving for Chicago in a few days. I talked to one of the conference coordinators today and they gave me a preliminary list of those companies I’ll be interviewing with – some of them I’m interested in and some I’m not sure what kind of role I could play. I wrote myself an email after doing some preliminary research and I’ve put it below so you too can see what the Midwest opportunities look like. I wonder if this will be similar to what I can expect in San Diego? Like I said before, I’m using this mainly as a practice session; but if the opportunity and the actual position are interesting, then I may change my tune.

HOLYCRAP – Jenny totally warned me earlier this week but I totally forgot that BIG BROTHER 8 is starting tonight!!!!!!!! SET YOUR DVRs!!!!


You did some preliminary research on each one and found a website for each; also, you figured out some interesting facts about each one that may prove useful in the interviews. Here they are:

JF Ahern:
Website: http://www.jfahern.com/index.html
What I can figure out:  Fire Protection technology manufacturer that is primarily focused on the Midwest region of the United States. It looks to be definitely a manufacturing/industrial company; not sure what I could bring to the table here, to be honest. Need to do more research and also see what position is being offered.

Website: http://www.citgo.com/Home.jsp
What I can figure out: Obviously, this is the petroleum products giant. They not only make fuels for cars and high-performance applications, but they also are involved in plastics and asphalt production. Again, much like JF Ahern, I’d have to see what position is actually being offered. But in this case, it’s because it’s such a huge company, I am not at all certain as to what they are in need of – looking at their online listings, it ranges from financial, managerial, engineering, IT, etc. Definitely a global presence, so perhaps that is a possibility for travel. Have to wait and see what is being offered on Monday.

BVR Technologies:
Website: http://www.bvraero.com/about/
What I can figure out: Looks to be an aviation-type manufacturer; I think they make the parts that go into what the big guys (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc) overall manufacture, as they say they’re involved in commercial and military endeavors. But since I have not heard of them before, I assume they are part of the ‘guts’ of a plane, and not the overall plane designers. They are located only in Rockford, Illinois, which is almost smack-dab in the middle of Illinois. It appears to be a smaller company, but since it is involved in the aviation industry, I’m sure it’s lucrative. They are a subsidiary of EsterLine Aerospace and Defense, so perhaps it’s possible to
move around in the company. Again, don’t know what they’re looking for, and not sure what I can offer them yet.

TAMKO Building Products:
Website: http://www.tamko.com/
What I can figure out: A large and (seemingly the) industry leader of
making construction materials; used to be just roofing but now is involved in much of the materials that go into buildings. They are a national company. While reading the website, it became overwhelmingly obvious that they are wholly invested in the Six Sigma methodology of Quality Improvement. Memories of Total Quality Air Force came flooding back when reading this. Like I said, it definitely will pay off to come across as somewhat knowledgeable about Six Sigma, so here’s the Wikipedia link to it:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Six_Sigma. Be prepared to answer intelligently about this at an interview because of how overwhelming they have drunk the Kool-Aid.

Sterigenics International:
Website: http://www.sterigenics.com/sterigenics_international/Home.aspx
What I can figure out: A global company that focuses on the sterilization aspect of the healthcare industry, food safety and advanced applications. Who knew such a company existed? But it does, and the fact that it’s globally-known and an industry leader is very interesting. They offer many products, but one of the ones that caught my eye was an online portal called WebVantage
) that allows companies to conduct their quality assurance/sterilization auditing (which looks to be FDA-mandated) through that portal by inputting data/relevant information. This effectively saves the customer the trouble of either paying someone to come to them or having to go somewhere to do this. The interactiveness I have not witnessed just yet, but I am intrigued.

– Littelfuse
What I can figure out: Littelfuse makes circuit protection devices that help protect circuits from electric overload. Apparently Littelfuse’s products are in almost everything that has a computer chip in it, from automobiles to PCs to production equipment. It is very expansive. I did read their quarterly report and while their sales aren’t going down, they are staying level with last year’s, despite predictions for an increase in 2007. Not sure if that is a ‘sign’ of anything, but it makes you wonder. This is a global company as well, so there are perhaps opportunities on a worldwide scale.

– Kraft
Website: http://www.kraft.com/default.aspx
What I can figure out: Yes, this is that Kraft. It’s a freakin’ huge
company and #2 in the world in food production. You probably already know as much if not more than I do about the company; it’s involved on such a huge scale that I really don’t have a guess as to what they are looking for just yet. Could be IT, could be just management, etc. But it looks to be an interesting company to work for.

– Smurfit-Stone
Website: http://www.smurfit.com:8080/content/
What I can figure out: A leader in the development and production of packaging products, typically on an industrial level. Think cardboard boxes. But it looks like they are also making in-roads on the Supply-Chain model, as they are incorporating RFID technology into their products, as well as developing RFID displays for retail, that enable client companies to better track inventory and ensure inventory is managed/ordered on an as-needed basis. That is a very interesting aspect of what they do that would make me interested in working at this company.
So it definitely seemed that while I was a bit underwhelmed at first with the names of companies given, after doing some research, many of these companies would be pretty damn cool to work for. I’m not so sure about what my role would be at some of these places, but some, it’s not too hard to see where I might be able to fit in. Plus, I’m interested in traveling, and some of these companies look like that would be something that is possible to do.

101 Critical Days of Hobie (T-101)

The Air Force has the 101 Critical Days of Summer – I myself, well, I have the 101 Critical Days of Hobie!

This is it people – I am almost a double digit midget, meaning I am almost down to less than ONE HUNDRED days until I become a Mister. That’s ridiculous, I tell you. You can go back to when I was doing this green countdown from 365 days! And now I’m nearly 100 days out. It’s almost…nervewracking.

Okay, so I didn’t have much to write, but I thought the 101 Days thing was catchy. I can’t believe that all my primetime shows are ending for the summer: Ugly Betty, Survivor, 24 (fortunately on that one), How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs….and my beloved Veronica Mars is actually ending, for good. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I do have some pretty ‘exciting’ projects in store for this weekend – which is actually going to be a FIVE DAY weekend, since I am taking Thursday off in addition to getting Friday off as an AFSPC family day and of course, Memorial Day. What projects you ask? Well, I’m finally going to plunge in and redo my bathroom: I’ve picked up half of the items (the new faucet, light fixture, vinyl tiles, toilet paper holder and hand towel holder – also replaced my towel bar this past weekend when the old one fell off) and will get the rest tomorrow (new vanity and sink combo, paint, molding for the baseboards and a chair rail, a mirror and destruction tools – can you say CROWBAR?). My other project: installing a new car stereo that will seriously kick ass, as it’s fully iPod functional and that is going to rock my world. It will be a busy weekend!

Combine that with seeing Shrek the Third on Thursday night (after going to the Royal Gorge with my folks during the day) and then seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End on Saturday night, and you can’t say I’ll be bored!

I don’t know if you’ve been following Jenny’s blog lately, but that girl has been having some serious bad luck in May – yet while I’m feeling bad for her, she has a way of telling her stories that makes you laugh out loud. Her car literally got run over yesterday. How does that happen? My crazy story for the day: lately, every afternoon Colorado Springs gets a crazy storm in; this week, the storms have gotten ridiculously crazy, with loads of rain and starting yesterday and continuing today, hail. Oh joy. Yesterday afternoon, I actually had to wait inside the building until the hail had died down and the lightning had moved on – since we’re a thousand feet higher than the city, we are basically in the clouds. And with that fact, the lightning is MUCH closer and MUCH scarier. Today I thought there was a lull, so I walked my happy ass down to the lower parking lot super fast. As I got down to that lot though, I started hearing a strange tapping noise on the ground. I look around and see a white gumball hit the ground. That’s strange. Then there’s another….and another, and suddenly I realize I’m getting PELTED by white gumballs which AREN’T white gumballs – they’re perfectly round bullets of ice! Hailstorms are crazy. I run to my car and listen to the POUNDING noise of my car being pelted with ice; then as I’m trying to drive down to the city level, the rain gets so heavy and loud to a point I’ve not witnessed in a LONG time. And about 10 minutes later, the storm is over. Crazy Colorado weather.

It’s Snowing. Seriously. In April. (T-129)

And by tomorrow, it’s supposed to be warm in the 60s again. Crazy!

Okay, so it’s been a week and a half since I’ve last updated. Plenty has happened! I finished Transition Assistance Program last week – I am SOOO stoked about getting out of the military. There was lots of good info that I got, and the most important stuff that I did get was help on looking for jobs and how to craft a great resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills. But by far the best was meeting with some of the local job market recruiters and realizing that I have a really good shot at finding a good job locally. And that’s the goal: stay in the Springs for a few more years and then see what can happen next. As some of you may know, I really am still wanting to do the Home Entertainment business (this does NOT mean in-home stripping, although I’ll do what I have to do! ;-p ). But regardless, the next few months need to be done. Just over 4 months to go! Can you believe it?

Alright, then this weekend was mighty productive! Jeff and I went and rented an aerator which looks like a lawnmower but instead it digs little holes in your lawn and yanks out the dirt so that when you water the lawn, there’s plenty of dirt entry points for better water absorption. Well, let me tell you, that is one hell of a chore. We did 3 lawns that day. And then we put fertilizer on the lawns, and I also started up my sprinklers again (just in time for one more snow fall – great…). Then that night, more Wii goodness ensued! The next day I then went weed-crazy with my new Rocket Weeder and literally filled a trash can with nothing but monstrous weeds. Scary. And after that I began my first hike on my quest to eventually hike Pikes Peak. That endeavor is scheduled for sometime in August, so I do have plenty of hiking to do in order to get myself ready. The one on Sunday was a pretty fun one and after that I am pretty sure that all the trails in the Front Range area of Colorado are going to be beautiful. And of course, you know that if there’s beautiful scenery, then there’s going to be PICTURES! Right now I’m going to put them amongst the journal photos, but eventually I want to create a separate photo portal for my hikes.

Anyways, today I sent out my resume for the first time to the two recruiters I met at TAP and it feels good to get them out. Now I need to continue sending them out, studying for my interview questions, and continue my classes (I’ve enrolled at O’Reilly School of Technology – my first class is horribly basic in HTML yet I think the CSS portion will be educational) and studying for the CISSP (which I may or may not take in September – apparently this has a pass rate of about 30% the first time…wonderful….and it costs ~$500 to take the test).

Okay, I’m done blathering on. It’s time for some pictures!

8 April 2007 – Easter Sunday Dinner at Susan’s

Jeff tries to open the wine, with no opener
Jeff tries to open the wine, with no opener08-Apr-2007 16:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Eric lends support
Eric lends support08-Apr-2007 16:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Susan shows off her ham
Susan shows off her ham08-Apr-2007 16:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
KD is ready to be fed
KD is ready to be fed08-Apr-2007 16:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Everybody awaits dessert
Everybody awaits dessert08-Apr-2007 17:23, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
All 4 dogs together = fun fun fun
All 4 dogs together = fun fun fun08-Apr-2007 17:23, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Happy Schnauzers
Happy Schnauzers08-Apr-2007 17:23, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141

We had a great time at Susan’s during this impromptu Easter Sunday dinner. It was nice to be able to all get together and have a nice dinner.

18 April 2007 – Susan’s Birthday at On the Border

18-Apr-2007 19:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
18-Apr-2007 19:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
18-Apr-2007 19:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Do I take the best pics or what?
Do I take the best pics or what?18-Apr-2007 19:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
KD and Eric....aww, so cute...
KD and Eric....aww, so cute...18-Apr-2007 19:52, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
Jeremy and KD...and a huge margarita
Jeremy and KD...and a huge margarita18-Apr-2007 19:52, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141

Other pictures I took were not allowed because the participants involved said my life would be forfeit if they showed up on the Internet. So you get to see the typical hilarial pics of me and KD. Lucky you.  [2015 Update:  I no longer fear for my life and those pictures are included!]

21 April 2007 – Aerating the Lawn

Aeration sucks
Aeration sucks21-Apr-2007 12:44, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 4.5, 18.776mm, 0.004 sec
Really, it does.
Really, it does.21-Apr-2007 12:45, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.002 sec

Can I say that I truly enjoy the fact that my hairline is the bane of my existence. I know it’s a petty thing to dwell on, but I would kill to have decent hair. If I thought I would look decent with a shaved head I’d do it because the current hair situation is unacceptable. But when I’ve dared to cut my hair super short, people tell me I resemble a prisoner. Wonderful.

22 April 2007 – Hiking Helen Hunt Falls in Cheyenne Canyon

#1 of my Trail Hikes - Helen Hunt Falls
#1 of my Trail Hikes - Helen Hunt Falls22-Apr-2007 16:31, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
Me at the base
Me at the base22-Apr-2007 16:31, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 3.5, 10.487mm, 0.005 sec
Jeremy too
Jeremy too22-Apr-2007 16:32, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 3.5, 10.487mm, 0.006 sec
That's Helen Hunt Falls from the base
That's Helen Hunt Falls from the base22-Apr-2007 16:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
Looking down from the top of the Falls
Looking down from the top of the Falls22-Apr-2007 16:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.004 sec
Here's the stream that feeds the Helen Hunt Falls
Here's the stream that feeds the Helen Hunt Falls22-Apr-2007 16:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec
Me at the stream
Me at the stream22-Apr-2007 16:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec
Jeremy liked the stream as well
Jeremy liked the stream as well22-Apr-2007 16:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.004 sec
Looking towards Spoon Falls (aka Death Trap falls)
Looking towards Spoon Falls (aka Death Trap falls)22-Apr-2007 16:39, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.006 sec
These seemingly smooth falls have caused numerous deaths
These seemingly smooth falls have caused numerous deaths22-Apr-2007 16:42, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 4.0, 15.599mm, 0.008 sec
Looking towards the Springs
Looking towards the Springs22-Apr-2007 16:42, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.002 sec
Another shot of the Spoon Falls
Another shot of the Spoon Falls22-Apr-2007 16:42, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
Me...scared.22-Apr-2007 16:43, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec
Higher vantage point looking towards the city
Higher vantage point looking towards the city22-Apr-2007 16:45, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 4.9, 23.1mm, 0.005 sec
Me and the city view
Me and the city view22-Apr-2007 16:45, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec

I really am looking forward to knocking more and more of these trails out – Pikes Peak or Bust!!!!

24 April 2007 – Still snowing (and it’s April)!

My camera focused on the screen door - cool!
My camera focused on the screen door - cool!24-Apr-2007 14:26, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.004 sec
Here's one through the glass door
Here's one through the glass door24-Apr-2007 14:26, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec
More snow view
More snow view24-Apr-2007 14:26, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec

And that’s that for the pictures.

Coming up this weekend? Mom and Harv are coming into town! That should be a good time and it’ll be good to see them. Hopefully the weather cooperates and stays warm as of Wednesday. We don’t need it to be like it was the last time they visited when Colorado Springs decided to have its one and only fog days while they were here. Bizarre.