Hungover today (T-138)

It took me till about 5pm to feel human again, so today wasn’t exactly Productivity Day.

Yes, I drank a lot last night. I didn’t end up puking, but the sheer amount of liquor and beer I did drink made it impossible for me to hope to feel good today. But it was all worth it. We all went out last night to this Japanese Steakhouse place (much like a Benihana’s) in town, and of course I have to have warm sake. Actually, I had to have two warm sakes. I love that stuff. The food was excellent and of course entertaining to watch being cooked. And again, there is no better thing that fresh fried rice. YUM. But anyways, that was just the start. After dinner, most people went home (lame) but Jeremy and I continued on, going over to Old Chicago’s by our neck of the woods. Many beers and lots of conversations later (I honestly couldn’t recall most of them after a certain point), we were done and closed the bar down around 2:30 in the morning. Oy. So needless to say, I was drunk. But it’s great being able to hang out with a best friend and just shoot the shit.

It wasn’t good though that my productivity was nill today. I had lots more I wanted to do, but just couldn’t stomach it. I wanted to clean my house. Didn’t. I wanted to work on Beers’ OPR. Didn’t. I wanted to work on my Europe pictures. DID! Here’s a link to Day 1 of the trip, as we journeyed to jolly ol’ England and toured around London. Lots of pictures to be sure. 7 more days to go though till I’m done. Here’s hoping I get these up and going on a faster timeline than my last European trip.

Day 1 Pictures of Europe Link | My Cool Europe 07 Portal Page

The links are not all active yet, especially those for Days 2-8. But be patient!

Also back up on the website is the illustrious Shooting Gallery. Those of you who perused the site in the 04-05 time period may remember this. I have no idea if it’ll catch on, but I think I’ll be using it to post random thoughts of stuff. Go check it out when you get the chance and join up so you can post stuff too. I’m sure you get tired of reading my same ol’ same ol’ over and over again. Let’s see if you can do better.

And I have to also say that I found out last week that most, if not all, of my ‘old’ flight (I say it that way because I’m no longer flight commander) knows about this website. No one will confess to who actually spread it around, but I think it’s funny regardless. So welcome to the site, SCB! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Alright, time to watch tonight’s Amazing Race and then it’s off to bed for me. This week I go to Transition Assistance Program. That’s for those of us who are separating or retiring. Should be good, and by good, I mean not at work. Yee haw.

Might be a snow day today…(T-140)

I’m totally gambling on that possibility too, as I am WAY up past my bedtime.

When I got home today, I took a nap. I haven’t done that in forever. But doing absolutely nothing at work is actually exhausting. I kid you not. And since we all left a little early today as it was freakin’ SNOWING in the middle of April, I was like, it’s early and I won’t take too long of a nap. Now you’d probably think that I ended up taking a 4-hour nap – well, you’d be wrong. I set my alarm like a responsible person and actually managed to get up when it went off. It probably helped that I was laying on top of the covers with only my sleeping pants on, so it was a little cold and I had to pee. But it was awesome to sleep…until it reached 11PM and I’m WIDE awake. Still. Even at 1:30 in the morning now.

So anyways, I got my Twin Peaks Season 2! And I couldn’t stop watching Disc 2 – it has Episodes 11-14, which are pretty much the best part of Season 2, as it’s when you get all the Harold Smith drama with Donna and Maddy as well as one of the scariest episodes of TV…ever. Episode 14’s reveal of who Laura Palmer’s killer is just as scary as it was back when I watched it the first time in 1990. 1990!!!! That was 17 years ago. This show is that old?????WTFO? Then after watching 4 episodes of that, I HAD to watch my Survivor, which was very entertaining. Then of course I watched the Ugly Betty special that was on, and after that, Scrubs (still can’t believe they killed off Nurse Laverne!!!!!). Was I tired at that point? Uh, no. So I cracked open the laptop and continued working on the two major projects I have in store for the site. Last night I was working on getting an old website feature back up and running again – and it is. I am not going to link to it just yet, but if any of you are serious fans of the website, you’ll remember a feature that was quite entertaining for a while. And yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is. The initials were S.G., if that helps. And the other major project I’m working on is getting all these damn Europe pictures up! So of course I wanted to create an interesting front page for that picture section. Here’s what I’ve got so far – you can’t click through yet to see each Days’ events, and Days 5-8 aren’t even shown yet, but consider this a tease.

In other news, I finally got my resume mostly done. I’m awaiting a few more updates from objective eyes, and then it’ll be time to ship that baby out.

Well, keep your fingers crossed that by the time you’re reading this, I was notified of a snow day. Otherwise I’m in for a very cranky Friday. Bah!

back in the states (T-145)

I have been since Wednesday, but I’m still suffering from jet lag, so gimme a break.

There are nearly 1000 pictures to go through, including not only my own 700 from Europe, but also Jeff’s. So like my last European Vacation photoset, it may take me a while to get these all up. Or it may not. I don’t have too much of a job anymore, so between finding myself a NEW job and getting my resume written and studying for the CISSP, I will endeavor to get these all up. But to sum up the trip, it was awesome. London and Paris are awesome cities, the friends we met up with out there were very cool, and every day was entertaining yet exhausting. I was very happy to come home when all was said and done. The trip wasn’t done too early and I was plenty ready to come back. Also, my bank account appreciates me being back.

So stay tuned for many pictures to get posted, and by the way, Happy Easter!

Off to Europe!! (T-159)

And I still have a bit to do tonight before leaving tomorrow, so this will be brief!

It’s been an interesting two weeks – work has sucked, but I’m definitely getting ready to get my ass into corporate America. Anyways, when I return, not only will I have pics from Europe (woo HOO!) but also I’ll put up last weekend’s fun day-long drink-a-thon for St Patty’s Day downtown. Ridiculous amounts of alcohol drank, but honestly, while I didn’t exactly feel chipper the next day, I made myself drink water every other drink, so I wasn’t all THAT bad. Sweet. It was a fun time though, as most everybody came out.

Oh yeah, KD and Eric returned from their England trip….engaged! Congratulations you crazy kids!

And Susan, Jeff and I leave TOMORROW for our Europe Trip! How super sweet is this? Just London and Paris, and I can’t wait to see them both again. They are pretty much the two most awesome cities in Europe, when you take into account all that they have to offer. Incredible – and I’m going tomorrow! I won’t actually arrive till Tuesday morning, but getting there is almost as fun as being there….okay, I made that part up, but I’m still excited.

Alright, I just wanted to check in one last time in March, create a cool front page image (not exactly the most professional of results, but in 10 minutes time, that’s not too shabby), and then get back to packing. Oh joy.

See you in April!

December 21, 2012 (T-173)

A book I’m reading (Apocalypse 2012 – no, it’s not a religious book – I found it in the Science section) says that this is the date of the end of the world. Plan accordingly.

But why dwell on such scary stuff right now? As I read more (and sleep less), I’ll fill you in.

Not too much to report on in the week since I’ve updated. This last week flew by (probably helped by the fact that I took Tuesday off to care for a hangover – Monday night is NOT the best time to go out, drink, and stay up late). This weekend was fun and it actually RAINED here – not snow. In fact, we’re due for near 70-degree temperatures this week. But of course in a few weeks, it could return to being snowy and cold. I hope so, as I’d love one more chance to ski this season. I never made it to Vail and I really would like to ski there.

Concerning the Europe trip, another modification has been made: no more Normandy. Apparently the guy that Jeff was going to re-enlist found out that he isn’t allowed to reenlist, without permission, off a base installation. And his commanders are not giving him permission. Lame! So now the trip is just Paris and London….so boring…..NOT!!!! Bring it on. I can’t wait to see those cities again! And that’s in just over two weeks. Sweeet.

I picked up a new camera for the upcoming trip – it’s on its way to me and believe you me, it’s a monster. Still a small form factor BUT 10MP yo.

And in movie news, I saw ‘300’ on Friday night in IMAX goodness. Unfreakinbelievable. And watching a movie in IMAX is so immersive and nearly overwhelming.

Alright, this daylight savings time nonsense has got me all whacked out. I went hiking this afternoon at the Garden of the Gods (reminding me that it’s about time to bring out the Colorado Hiking book I have and knock out some/most of these trails in preparation for hiking Pike’s Peak!) and woke up late this morning but I’m STILL tired.

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