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This Trip to Vegas

May 2, 2014 – Friday

This Trip to Vegas…. we (Larry, me and Mom) had a pretty easy drive from LA to Vegas.  Almost surprisingly so.  The weather was hot that first day or so, but when you’re mostly indoors, it’s all good.

This Trip to Vegas….O’Sheas was open again!  It’s not the same as it was, but it is still quite a lot of fun and has that same sense of college fun.  I think we ended up gambling mostly either there or at Margaritaville this time.  On the first day, we even made friends who crowned me with a sombrero after thinking I’d said my name was Kobe.  Michancy joined the three of us for dinner at the Margaritaville restaurant where we hoped to load up on food to prevent getting too drunk….

This Trip to Vegas…. the Linq opened up, as mentioned indirectly above, which is a pretty awesome area containing all sorts of great restaurants, bars, and the piece de resistance, the High Roller, Continue reading This Trip to Vegas

Chinese Silver Tubes (MM)

I’m not going to promise you a rose garden, so let’s consider this a place of honesty.  I have plenty of pictures from my trip back to Colorado Springs – that’s true.  But I’m in no condition to post them just yet.  I’ve just returned from an NBC team dinner and yes, I got suitably drunk.  And it’s just past 11pm and I have to go back to work tomorrow.  UGH.  Stupid Thursday night drink nights.  Of course dinner also happened, but let’s just say the drinks won.  So I’ll post my pics this weekend – PROMISE!

I am writing in part because someone sent me an email asking me where my blog update was and I have to confess I’m shocked anyone still is reading!  I’m not even 100% positive who this person is that wrote me an email, but I am willing to wager a guess it’s from a friend I made in the Azores – just a different last name.  I’ll have to write back when I’m sober.  As well as after I’ve posted this entry too!

So just like Sgt Jenny – I seemed to have been unable to continue the 30-day exercise.  I was telling myself recently that it’s not something I can keep up with, but maybe I’ll just continue anyways and fill out answers regardless.  I love talking about myself, and let’s be honest, that’s some fun stuff.

So what’s been going on in my life?  Well, first, I was promoted at work!  I’m a Director at NBC Universal now.  It’s kinda cool.  I’ve been performing these duties a bit as it is anyways the past two years or so anyway, but to get the position title and salary bump is to put it nicely, NICE.  Director Barnes has a nice ring to it.  I also like Captain Barnes, but Director Barnes is something I never ever would have suspected would have been a title I’d get.

Also, went to Los Angeles last week for work – we’re constantly working on expanding our reach, and Universal and the .com worlds are next on our radar.  Look out you guys, you’re about to get rocked with our awesome powers.  In a good way.  We don’t do anything hostile!

That was for a few days though, and thanks to that trip, I was able to swing by home and visit with Mom and Harv.  I love traveling on the company dime!  After returning Thursday evening, it was a trip back home to change suitcases and pack up for the next flight out the following morning out to Colorado Springs, this time with Larry in tow.  It was a trip to just get a little bit of vacation and to show Larry around my previous hood.  We spent the time with Kelly Dean, Eric and Susan primarily and it was a phenomenal vacation.  We got to drive up Pikes Peak, visit the Coors Brewery, tour Cheyenne Mountain (so weird and yet so cool to visit it again as a civilian – which I am now as my 3 years of inactive reserve status ended the 1st of September!!!! Yeehaw!), and also go to the Royal Gorge.  Yes, those pictures are on the way this weekend.  I promise.  Lots of fun and lots of good times – I really miss those friends I made there.  Le Sigh.

Oh yeah – what’s a Chinese Silver Tube?  Well, on the flight out to Colorado Springs, while we were about to deplane in Dallas, the flight attendant got on the intercom and told us that because we were in these Chinese Silver Tubes, would we mind closing the window shades as if we don’t, the plane heats up significantly.  Well, he didn’t actually say Chinese Silver Tubes though…but it certainly sounded like it.  It was actually Shiny Silver Tubes….but I like my (and Larry’s) interpretation better!

I’ll continue the 30-day thing later – I can’t think of a photo immediately that makes me angry/sad just now.  I want to put away my laundry and pass out.

You Know, I Really Did Hope to Do Better at This! (MM)

Alright, so 40 days later, as my Dad pointed out, and here I am again.  I fully intended to have more updates and I was in the midst of one when I was seriously hungover…but I get ahead of myself.

So in mid April, there were two weeks of going-aways and Team Dinners….all basically excuses to drink and eat, mostly on the company’s dime.  Yay for Corporate America and NBC Universal!  The first major going-away was Evan’s, and wow, was it a doozy.  It started at 5pm at the Channel 4 Bar in Midtown/48th St, and about 7 hours later I was poured into a cab to go home.  That fun, but ultimately punishing, night started the two week period of fun but it was also my warning to try to chill out when attending these little fiestas.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I was SO FUCKING hungover the next day, I could barely function.  I actually did make it in to work the following morning (which was a Thursday – yeah, midweek drinking is all sorts of awesome) but by noon had to leave for home.  Yes, I am the epitome of professionalism.  The next week, there was an entire Team Dinner at a cool Korean Barbecue joint where you grill your own stuff in a mini-grill in the middle of the table.  Of course, drank a lot, but I did vividly remember the previous week, so it wasn’t all that bad.  Then that weekend we had a get-together at a coworker’s house in Jersey where I brought Larry with me and everyone now knows I’m gay at work.  Which apparently wasn’t a huge surprise to anyone.  I actually knew that because I was told by most everyone at the first drinking night that they all knew.  So yay.  We had a final Wednesday drinking night that next week to say goodbye to one more person from the team and again, I was mostly good.  Slightly hungover that following Thursday morning, but I was able to man up and stay at work and function like a normal person.  But damn, that first drinking night for Evan’s going-away….hoooo-leee shit.  BTW, fuck you, shots of alcohol.

It’s been a hectic few weeks since then as we are working to expand our empire etc.  I am still working with my boss on the move out west, which is still I think a 60/40% likelihood it’ll happen.  I’m especially excited to go back now after my most recent trip back to Los Angeles and Las Vegas this past week!

Larry and I went back to Los Angeles for Harv’s birthday and Mother’s Day.  It was great to get home as well as get put to work being IT Help Desk, but that’s what I’m good at so that’s what I’ll do.  I picked my mom up a NetBook so she could play her slot machine video games downstairs and still remain social.  When I got there I also configured their wireless network so now she can also surf the Internet there too.  They finally got high-speed broadband at their house, about 10 years after everyone else in the country did.  :-)  I kid, I kid.

During the trip out there, Larry and I also did some side-trips.  Met up with Sveta the first night on Friday and we went to the Stinking Rose and had garlicy goodness and garlicy horribleness in the form of Garlic Ice Cream. Blech.  On Saturday some of the family came on up to visit, including Auntie Helen and Uncle Steve, Stister Stacie and Family, and Uncle Paul.  Good times had by all!  That night Larry & I headed down to Orange County and visited Mila, Scott and their newborn daughter, Ilona.  Such a cute baby and it was fun to hang out with Mila again.  On Sunday, Larry & I drove around some of the areas near the Universal Studios part of town as I wanted to show Larry areas that were potential places to look for apartments when we move back.  First hit up Studio City, based on a recommendation from Sveta.  I think we have a winner!  It’s really close to both Universal City and Burbank, and has lots of cool things there.  So not a bad choice.  We also drove around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, stopped at the Grove for bathroom and food, then I finally made it back to UCLA!  I’ve been meaning to get back and walk around my old stomping grounds again.  It was a beautiful day for it.  Lots of memories walking around there, but it makes me sad to think it was over 10 years ago now.  WT Fuck.  The next day on Monday, we got to meet up with Larry’s friend Greg, who lived out in Pacific Palisades.  Insane house.  Awesome family.  Hopefully someone who could help Larry get in the movie business too.

Anyway, that was the LA portion of the trip!  Then it was time to go to Las Vegas.  Yay!  It was a lot of fun – Benihana’s for Harv’s birthday, lots of blackjack (don’t ask Larry what to do though if you get a pair of 5s and the dealer shows a 6), amazing seats at Barry Manilow, meeting up with Michancy (miss fancypants lawyer now!  she looks great), and lots of alcohol.  Yay Vegas!

I obviously am getting tired of writing, so I’m wrapping it up.  I have also put up most of my pictures in the Photos section so make sure to check them out.  I’m back in New York now though, and it’s hard to get motivated again to get back into the swing of things.  It really is.  To make things better though, watch this fantastic Motown version of Single Ladies from YouTube:

Miami / Vice

So for my job, I HAD to go to Miami. Even I hate me because that’s so effin’ awesome.

Okay, how cool is that? Another place that I’ve always wanted to go: Miami. And now I’ve gone. I even had the chance to go to South Beach, although admittedly it was with my coworkers, so it wasn’t exactly the ideal situation. But it was still incredible to go down there and partake in the fun. I flew there from LaGuardia (which I have an entirely BETTER impression of now that I’ve flown out of there from a different terminal, this one the AWESOME Delta terminal) on Monday afternoon, with my boss picking me up from Midtown in his car. We then got down there around dinner time, so we first stopped at our hotel, the Conrad Hotel. OMG. In-fucking-credible. First, the hotel’s lobby is on the 25th floor. And when you’re checking in, behind the desk folk is a stunning view of the Miami bay. Then I found out I had been upgraded to a suite. Which was hella sweet. Pictures below. But we only paused to drop stuff off (and I did a quick shirt change) and then it was off to meet up with others in the group for dinner. They had stayed much closer to South Beach, and I may have to do that as well next time (which I found out that there probably will be a few more Miami business trips!). Anyways, we met up with them and South Beach is pretty damn awesome. We ate at a place called Mojitos and then hit the main strip, Ocean Drive, and hung out in a club called Mango’s. You can imagine what that name implies. Well, it’s not really that suggestive I guess – it wasn’t a strip joint. But the club does have girls in very small bathing suits dancing on a bar…as well as guys too. Nice. ANYWAYS, I definitely think a non-business trip down there will be in order!

That was probably the highlight of this week so far – if I have a better highlight, you know I’ll be updating asap! But other fun was had since I’ve last updated.

First, I finally got my first true taste of NYC nightlife. Went with Shelly, my roommate, out to a concert this past Saturday night. It was ‘supposed’ to start at 8pm, but of course it didn’t start till 10pm (thems the rules in NYC). But it was a great chance to drink a lot, and by the time the concert started (the artist was Me’Shell Ndegocello, for those that are interested), I really was so buzzed it didn’t matter if it was Yoko Ono screaching her little Asian heart out. But it was a blast, I ended up making friends with a couple who had been hanging out at the bar too (they were about as trashed as me too and were also like, who the fuck cares who’s singing?). The guy gave me his business card and I may have to contact him to hang out with him and his wife again. They were cool. After the concert ended around 11:30, Shelly and I headed a few streets up. The concert was held in the Maritime Hotel’s ballroom (called the Hiro Ballroom) which was Asian themed, and was located close to Downtown on 16th Street. A few blocks up at 22nd street is where you then find some of NYC’s really fun (and expensive) night clubs, so we strolled up 8th Avenue from 16th to 22nd, passing by all sorts of people out and about on a Saturday night. There was an ‘alternative’ club that I’ll definitely have to go back to one day, but tonight we were headed to one of the Ultra Lounge / Dance clubs on 22nd. So basically, between like 8th and 7th avenues, there’s a section of street that is purely nightclubs. It almost actually reminded me of the downtown Colorado Springs area where the clubs are…but just a LOT more expensive. We had a number of clubs to choose from, but we ended up choosing one called Duvet. It was awesome. Very upbeat and danceable music and the crowd was all having a blast. White walls and giant beds were the theme of the club, but barely anyone was chilling on the beds – literally everybody was shaking their ass on the floor. It was quite an awesome place to start my NYC clubbing days. That night was mostly hip-hop, but as the night went on, it definitely started progressing towards mixes of recognizable tunes – but these mixes were so crazy good it was awesome. I heard Wanna Be Startin’ Something mixed with Don’t Cha and just had to dance harder. I totally wished Susan would have been there at that point, as she was definitely my CS dance buddy. When she gets out here to visit, she better be ready for a workout!!!!

Anyways, we danced for a few hours there (with a $30 cover for me, you better believe I was going to stick around for a bit, even if I am making 6 figures) and then we met up with someone Shelly is dating a ways away on 3rd avenue. I was EXHAUSTED by this point so I decided to head home – and what a journey that turned out to be. First, I admit I was drunk. So with that said, my initial goal was just to get to the New Jersey PATH train station, which takes you from Manhattan to Hoboken, NJ. The PATH station is on 6th Avenue and 23rd, which is FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from where we were. And in my new shoes (story below) which weren’t still quite broken in, my feet paid the price. And for some reason, I felt reluctant to take a taxi to the station. Never again will that reluctance be encountered. So I walked my drunk ass to the PATH station and discovered why I am going to continue taking the ferry to work. The PATH stinks. Literally. It’s fucking gross. So while it may be cheaper overall to go to work via PATH and the Subway, the ease of hopping on the ferry and the lack of the B.O. smell is WORTH IT. But the ferries stop running long before 3 in the morning (which let me tell you, while late for me, is pretty much the midpoint of the evening for a true Manhattanite) so I had no other option except maybe a ridiculously expensive cab ride all the way home. So I took the PATH to Hoboken along with many other drunk partyers returning to New Jersey. Once in Hoboken, the plan was then to hop in a cab the rest of the way home, which I was glad to do. Of course, many others have this same plan, so there’s a taxi line, and to top it off, the taxi cabs like to fill the car up as much as possible, so with it being just me, my cab driver also took others. In my case, it turned out to be 2 drunk guys and a girl. The drunk guys decided to sing Bruce Springsteen… a lot. Now, I know, me and Bruce are tight, but I barely know the words to anything of his besides Dancing in the Dark and the chorus of Born in the U.S.A. So in other words, not much at all. So when the two guys ask, first if I like ‘The Boss’ and second what song would I like them to sing, I just had to laugh and respond that they could the song of their choice as it really didn’t matter to me. And it didn’t. I just wanted to go home. They continued singing, and the girl was frantically trying to get me to not request or encourage them any more… all in all, an interesting time. OH! I forgot while on the PATH train to Hoboken, I ended up sitting next to some girl who had partied just a tad too much. She sat directly next to me with her friend and had her head in one of those small clear-plastic purses and vomited the ENTIRE train ride there. Yes, I will not be taking the PATH more than absolutely necessary.

So how’s THAT for a first NYC party experience? But you know what? I’m so going to do it again!

Alright, what else is there? I’ve been really enjoying getting to know the job more and more. I actually am starting to feel knowledgeable. Oh yeah, I was in Miami because we were there to help transition Telemundo (which NBC Universal owns) to one of our library management systems and train them on the new process. Sounds glamorous, yes? Of course it’s not, but it was a necessary step to get them inline with some new technology and to begin the transition to a electronic media library that will encompass All of NBC’s networks so that we can know where every commercial, promo, or program is physically located. A lot of work, but it’ll be awesome when done.

I promised you another story though, didn’t I? Well, I promised it to you if you managed to get through my NYC party story. Basically, I went shopping at one of the more trendy stores the other day during lunch: Kenneth Cole at Rockefeller Center on Fifth Avenue. His stuff for guys is very much my style, and he has stuff from shoes to jackets to clothes to belts to well, basically, most everything. And I’ve been in the market for a new rainjacket and some nice brown shoes. And THEN I found out that since I work at Rockefeller Center, I get a 10% discount there as well. Can you say, FUCK YEAH!? I know that you can. So I went in there, not really expecting much in terms of customer service because my previous experience at H&M left a bad taste in my mouth. Basically at H&M, even with me being my most polite and charming, I got basically blank stares and near-sneers in response from the ‘help’. What a bunch of jerks. But surprise, surprise, the guy I went to who was near the jackets turned out to be awesome and nice (nice-looking too, but I digress). I picked out a sweet jacket, new brown shoes that I freakin’ love, and a cool new reversible brown/black belt. I think I helped his commission enough that I got to become part of his ‘Client Book’. Yay me. I ended up missing a 20% off invite-only night at Kenneth Cole on Tuesday because I was in Miami (you know, writing that last sentence is hilarious – who knew that I would EVER write something like that?) though, and it sucks because there was going to be free Champagne!!!!!

Alright, let’s see, I think that IS all the stories now. But while walking home tonight from the ferry, I realized I feel the need to divest myself of all my insecure and internal thoughts that go through my head. Now if you could give a rats ass about this all, then feel free to stop reading. No one’s forcing you to and you’re certainly not paying for the ‘privilege’ of Hobie’s thoughts, but I was thinking about all the things that go through my head at certain times and I realized there’s just things I would rather not be hesitant to admit anymore. And maybe it’s not even hesitation in saying them – it’s just been I thought no one cared. And no one really does, but it’s my website, and I care, so I can do whatever the hell I want. Life’s too short to repress yourself. So if you’d like to skip down to the pictures, please do so at this point. And if anything I write makes you think less of me, well, sorry – I made no guarantees!

Some Things I Think: (this will probably be a re-occurring feature, so please skip as necessary in the future)

– I often walk into a room of people and immediately try to see who the most attractive guy is and then compare myself to that person. Then I’ll usually do a rank-order of where I probably fit in, comparatively. At this point in my life, I think I’m pretty fair and objective in my rankings. Like today and yesterday, I was in a Project Management course. There were two incredibly good-looking guys (at least in my opinion) that I think definitely were better-looking than me, so I probably came up as #3 in the rankings today. But you see, this shows how arrogant I truly am in my own head. I’m not Exceedingly arrogant, but still pretty arrogant, and definitely vain. I mean, hello, I make a ranking list. Yet what I hate is when my own self-image gets destroyed by a bad reflection or bad picture of me (or is it a TRUE picture?). Because you see, in my own mind, I think I’m fairly good-looking!

– I hate talking on the phone, especially when trying to do the ‘catch up with others’ thing. I’m horrible at it. Why? Because almost everything that I think would keep people interested on the phone ISN’T interesting. And then i’m like, what the hell do I have to talk about or tell people? My life, although new and exciting now, is still pretty damn solitary, so there’s not much to ‘report’ on. “Yep, I went to work again”. This week was quite a change from the norm, and who knows, my phone calls may be a lot more interesting from here on out. So this isn’t a slam against anyone who calls me, because honestly, I love to hear how you all are doing, but I have nothing usually. And then I feel bad. I don’t want to bore people. God knows I do it enough on this website.

– I’ve realized that my natural and relaxed face is a very pissed-off face. At least that is what it looks and seems like. So I consciously try to relax my face yet also have a smirk or slight smile so I don’t look like a damn psycho. But when i do that, then I realize instead of an angry psycho, I must look like a smirking psycho. So honestly, what the hell am I supposed to do? I don’t want to become another walled-off New Yorker who absolutely looks miserable while going to work. You should see some of these people. They look completely and utterly defeated. They barely look at others and while I know it’s a defense mechanism of some sort, seriously, it’s not that bad! Look Up! Look at the City! It’s a great life. You’ve got one shot – enjoy it! But in the meantime, even though I don’t feel that way, I don’t want to look life a fucking idiot savant smiling away to himself (I’m Rain Man!) or some serial killer. What to do…..

Okay, I guess that’s enough for now. The first bullet point was what really got me wanting to ‘divest’ (I love that word today) myself of these mainly self-centered and arrogant thoughts. It’s not as if I don’t think them anymore, but it’s kind of nice to just say em out loud and let people know that I’m a selfish bastard. And if you can deal with that, then rock on with yo’ bad self.

And here are some pictures for persevering through this long long long-winded entry. I’ve finally taken some pictures of my room and dancehall bathroom too. Enjoy! And as an added bonus, I just recorded a mini-video of my room so you can truly see for yourself, with a guided tour no less, my living space. I may have to take advantage of this camera’s video features, as it would be kind of cool to make mini-videos throughout my stay here.

Oct 13, 2007 – Out with Shelly

That's my roommate Shelly - a few hours before we went out on 13 Oct (Sat)
That's my roommate Shelly - a few hours before we went out on 13 Oct (Sat)13-Oct-2007 16:45, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
At the Hiro Ballroom
At the Hiro Ballroom13-Oct-2007 18:48, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.6 sec, ISO 800
Shelley and me, kinda shiny
Shelley and me, kinda shiny13-Oct-2007 19:44, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 200
13-Oct-2007 21:15, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 1 sec, ISO 200

Oct 15, 2007 – In Miami for WORK

Me in Miami at Mojitos, holding a Mojito, strangely enough
Me in Miami at Mojitos, holding a Mojito, strangely enough15-Oct-2007 18:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.125 sec
15-Oct-2007 19:50, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.125 sec
This was my suite in the Conrad Hotel in Miami.
This was my suite in the Conrad Hotel in Miami.15-Oct-2007 22:53, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.2 sec
Amazing15-Oct-2007 22:53, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.04 sec
Didn't want to leave
Didn't want to leave15-Oct-2007 22:54, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.077 sec
15-Oct-2007 22:54, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.04 sec
15-Oct-2007 22:54, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.025 sec

Oct 17, 2007 – Rockefeller Rink in Pink

17-Oct-2007 16:49, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.04 sec, ISO 400
17-Oct-2007 16:49, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.025 sec, ISO 400

Oct 18, 2007 – My Room, Lived in and Furnished

18-Oct-2007 18:37
18-Oct-2007 20:32, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
18-Oct-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.167 sec, ISO 141
And now here's my apartment as of 18 Oct - this is looking from my bed to the bathroom
And now here's my apartment as of 18 Oct - this is looking from my bed to the bathroom18-Oct-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 800
Looking from the mirror to my window
Looking from the mirror to my window18-Oct-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 800
My desk and bureau from the room entrance
My desk and bureau from the room entrance18-Oct-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.077 sec, ISO 800
How I hid my bookcase
How I hid my bookcase18-Oct-2007 20:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.067 sec, ISO 800
18-Oct-2007 20:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.25 sec, ISO 141
The needlessly spacious bathroom
The needlessly spacious bathroom18-Oct-2007 20:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.1 sec, ISO 141
18-Oct-2007 20:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.1 sec, ISO 141
Cluttered sink, but what can you do? (I know, put the shit away!)
Cluttered sink, but what can you do? (I know, put the shit away!)18-Oct-2007 20:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 141
18-Oct-2007 20:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.05 sec, ISO 141
18-Oct-2007 20:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.4 sec, ISO 141

Hungover today (T-138)

It took me till about 5pm to feel human again, so today wasn’t exactly Productivity Day.

Yes, I drank a lot last night. I didn’t end up puking, but the sheer amount of liquor and beer I did drink made it impossible for me to hope to feel good today. But it was all worth it. We all went out last night to this Japanese Steakhouse place (much like a Benihana’s) in town, and of course I have to have warm sake. Actually, I had to have two warm sakes. I love that stuff. The food was excellent and of course entertaining to watch being cooked. And again, there is no better thing that fresh fried rice. YUM. But anyways, that was just the start. After dinner, most people went home (lame) but Jeremy and I continued on, going over to Old Chicago’s by our neck of the woods. Many beers and lots of conversations later (I honestly couldn’t recall most of them after a certain point), we were done and closed the bar down around 2:30 in the morning. Oy. So needless to say, I was drunk. But it’s great being able to hang out with a best friend and just shoot the shit.

It wasn’t good though that my productivity was nill today. I had lots more I wanted to do, but just couldn’t stomach it. I wanted to clean my house. Didn’t. I wanted to work on Beers’ OPR. Didn’t. I wanted to work on my Europe pictures. DID! Here’s a link to Day 1 of the trip, as we journeyed to jolly ol’ England and toured around London. Lots of pictures to be sure. 7 more days to go though till I’m done. Here’s hoping I get these up and going on a faster timeline than my last European trip.

Day 1 Pictures of Europe Link | My Cool Europe 07 Portal Page

The links are not all active yet, especially those for Days 2-8. But be patient!

Also back up on the website is the illustrious Shooting Gallery. Those of you who perused the site in the 04-05 time period may remember this. I have no idea if it’ll catch on, but I think I’ll be using it to post random thoughts of stuff. Go check it out when you get the chance and join up so you can post stuff too. I’m sure you get tired of reading my same ol’ same ol’ over and over again. Let’s see if you can do better.

And I have to also say that I found out last week that most, if not all, of my ‘old’ flight (I say it that way because I’m no longer flight commander) knows about this website. No one will confess to who actually spread it around, but I think it’s funny regardless. So welcome to the site, SCB! Hope you enjoy your stay.

Alright, time to watch tonight’s Amazing Race and then it’s off to bed for me. This week I go to Transition Assistance Program. That’s for those of us who are separating or retiring. Should be good, and by good, I mean not at work. Yee haw.