The Rookies Start to Realize…Well, Bronte At Least

BB18 Episode 6 – July 3, 2016

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It looks like these early episodes where the BB Roadkill is a thing means that the Sunday episode is not only an HoH Reveal & Nominations, but also the Roadkill Competition and Nomination.  That’s a lot to get through!  I think we end up losing some valuable “character building” and “strategy session” stuff due to having to force so much into one episode, but that’s where we stand.  Maybe there’s really not that much going on?  But as my title for this post insinuates, I think at least Bronte has a clue from within the Rookies crowd.  It is likely going to end up hurting her even more as she’s possibly the only one who might pose a challenge to the 8-Pack running things smoothly.  But we’ll get into that a little bit more…

So Who Won HoH?

BB18_Ep6_HoH_PaulieBlueBall BB18_Ep6_PaulieHoHNot leaving this ambiguous for ya.  Thursday’s episode ended with the HoH competition in full swing, and we found out in this episode that Category 4 couldn’t be beat.  Well, they might have been challenged by Team Unicorn (James’ team), but James threw the comp knowing full well that those on his team were ripe targets for 8-Pack.  He waited until they got to about 37 out of 40 berries collected then proceeded to “slip”, eliminating himself and wiping out Team Unicorn’s fourth row, sending them back to 30 berries.  That paved the way for an easy win, with the team (Frank) asking if Michelle or Paulie wanted the HoH.  I guess Bridgette wasn’t a consideration?  Regardless, Paulie got it for being nominated last week, and here we are.

8-Pack is of course thrilled that Paulie won HoH, even if he isn’t an official member of that alliance.  I still wonder why the hell he isn’t, but I’m not in the house.  Anyway, the next target on everybody’s list is Victor, so away we go with the machinations!

Bronte Pieces it Together, while Paul is Ready to Smash Victor Apart

BB18_Ep6_BrontePaul_ReconcileHer voice may be tres annoying, but she is quite astute about what is going on.  She’s proven she can hold her own in arguments and conversations, and in this scene here, she quite accurately told Paul what happened at the last eviction night, knowing that DaVonne and Zakiyah were the ones who lied to their faces about voting for Paulie.  Bronte insists that Paul believe her in this reckoning, and it seems he does.  But Paul has proven to be kind of stupid too, so we’ll see if she’s on her own here.  Unfortunately for Bronte, Paul ends up being a willing pawn in Paulie’s moves this week, as Paulie asks him if he really trusts Victor and that Paulie would prefer Paul stay over Victor.  But Paul has to agree to be a pawn so that a backdoor plan can work.  Paul agrees.  But will that agreement hold long-term?  Not sure, and this episode only shows that Paul is quite willing to turn on Victor if it means he can stay in the game.

Nominations, Please!

BB18_Ep6_NominationsHey, we just saw these two!  Instead of openly targeting Victor here, Paulie has decided to go with the backdoor plan and adding Bronte into the mix.  She’s pissed at being nominated and basically swears off trusting any of the boys from this point on.  Good lesson to learn, but it might be too late.  Paul is content with playing his part, and isn’t going to blow up anyone’s plans about getting rid of Victor.  Meanwhile, Victor is happy, but guarded.

Come on Down, BB Roadkill!

BB18_Ep6_Roadkill_Nicole BB18_Ep6_Roadkill_Tiffany BB18_Ep6_Roadkill_CoreyI wanted to show the basic concept of the challenge, while also including a hot picture of Corey.  I do believe he’s morphing into an even hotter version of himself.  Yay, us viewers!  Anyway, the challenge is that you had to select the 6 (of 10) items that when their dollar value is added up together equals $18.  Obviously some were better at this than others – Corey was not one of the fast ones.  Nor does he need to be.

BB18_Ep6_Roadkill_Victor_WinnerFrank was hopeful about winning this again, but Victor pulled out a clinch win. Not that this victory actually saves him, as the Veto still has to come into play, but he does at least get spared from being put up at this point.   Alas, Victor doesn’t actually have much in the way of strategy or common sense, just lustrous hair and biceps for days….

Victor Trusts the Wrong People

BB18_Ep6_VictorTellsPaulieHeWon BB18_Ep6_VictorVictor slyly tells Paulie in the Storage Room that he won the Roadkill.  It’s kind of staggering that Victor would tell Paulie, but hey, why not?  Maybe it would work, at least in Victor’s mind.  But it of course doesn’t, as now Paulie is armed with the knowledge of who won Roadkill, and if need be, blow up Victor’s game accordingly.  All the strategic sessions that followed were merely for show, hoping to keep Victor from completely realizing he was in trouble still.  Maybe the show didn’t want to reveal Victor’s true awareness of his situation, but he certainly didn’t seem like he was too afraid for his fate at this point.  He actually seems to think his game is going to help convince Paulie & Frank to side with him.  I’m gonna say…no.  But who knows?  Tonight’s episode could be WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES…. But First!

Our Third Nominee

BB18_Ep6_DeparturesLoungeI love that this is the view at the Nomination Couch.   Fucking brilliant.  The theme for this year’s Big Brother house is reallly well done.

BB18_Ep6_TiffanytheThird BB18_Ep6_TiffanyJoinsBrontePaulIt’s not super clear to me why Tiffany ended up on the block as Victor’s nominee, but there she is!  I guess it’s a matter of targeting someone who may not be that big of a threat to nominate or who will freak out?  Victor toyed with nominating James, but figured that would be too obvious.  Paul looks thrilled, no?

Status & Standings:

BB18_Ep6_StandingsNew Head of Household:  Paulie
Nominated for Eviction:  Paul & Bronte
BB Roadkill Winner:  Victor
Third Nominee, via BB Roadkill:  Tiffany

Okay, this season has so far been entertaining, but not mind-blowing yet.  I see the potential is there, but these newbies need to figure shit out fast and get rid of the Veterans if they have any hope of being the winner here.  Not that I’m against the Vets, as I love them.  But I do like a good give-and-take, and Bronte seems to be the only one accurately assessing their chances.  I think it comes down to her powers of persuasion to see if this season can get elevated to “great” status.  Good news for DaVonne though – she beat her last season’s performance!

Next, Tiffany is Truly Vanessa’s Sister –>

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