Loving The Points Guy

My coworker Ari told me about one of the best things ever, The Points Guy.  He’s a guy who has mastered the world of using credit card points, airline miles, etc and making the most of available deals to travel your heart out.  It’s not as if we are able to travel at the drop of a hat, and I don’t get too many miles from work, but I’ve been pretty diligent about using my same Citibank AAdvantage card ever since I got it and I’ve built up a nice balance of miles.  I kinda knew I’d want to use them for Larry & my next Europe trip, and now that looks to be also our honeymoon destination.  Happily, The Points Guy posted this on Facebook today:

And it’s almost too perfect.  We’re actually not looking to travel in the June-August, but more like September.  But sure enough, this deal above, for 50k miles for business class from LAX to London, is still in effect for September.  And the point The Points Guy also makes is that with American Airlines doing a “revalue” of their points in March, you need to book quickly.  So it looks like we’ll be making some swanky business class reservations fairly soon to get our happy asses out to Paris & London.  SWEET.

Highly recommended to follow him on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Always interesting things going on and he alerts you when they are out there.   I’ll be wiped out of American miles after this, so now I need PwC to fly me a lot of places to build them back up!!!

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