Jeopardy Online Test, again

Yet again, I have participated in the Jeopardy! Online test for adults….and while I certainly didn’t get 100% correct of the 50 clues provided, I still think I did pretty respectably.  But I’m not sure if they even bother with contestants that don’t get 100%.  Ah well, I know that I need to brush up on certain additional things now:

  • Technical / True names for bones (damn you, clavicle!)
  • Pulitzer Prize winners (damn you, Eudora Welty!)
  • Famous landmarks in history (damn you, Sutter’s Mill!)
  • Venezuelan Rivers (damn you, Orinoco!)
  • Biblical people (damn you, Cain! damn you, Abel!)
  • Poets of famous landmarks (damn you, Emma Lazarus!)

And things that paid off keeping in mind that I learned from my previous attempts at this test:

  • Periodic Table of the Elements (I got you this time, Ag (aka Silver)!)
  • Presidents of the US (Hey there, 4th president of the US, James Madison)
  • Capitals of the World (It’s aboot time, Ottawa)

Pop culture is always something good to have in mind and luckily that shit is always stuck in my noggin so I pretty much always get those questions right.  They always seem overly easy to me and are a welcome respite from the more challenging questions.

Now it’s just time to hear back and kick some ass! …..or totally freak out and earn the biggest deficit in history.  🙂

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