Food Seems to Be Set!

The wedding planning continues on and on….and happily, Larry & I are actually on top of it so far.  KNOCK ON WOOD.  We’ve got the major components lined up and ready; things such as officiant, venue, food, photographer, DJ….all set.  All the little details?  Not yet, but the pieces are there and we still have time ahead to work things out to our liking.  But today was an eventful step as it was our chance to taste the food that will be served as hors d’oeuvres and in our wedding buffet.

It was basically our dinner for today, and happily, all the food was good.  The hors d’oeuvres sampler platter we had was delicious, and it was hard to control ourselves and not finish the platter off.  We had to save room for the main meal!  The entrees and sides were also delicious, and I think wedding guests will have good food and plenty of it.  There won’t be any grumbling that there wasn’t enough food or that it wasn’t good.

Fun random aside:  I took an Uber from the apartment and met Larry at the tasting site in North Hollywood, as it’s on his way home from work.  As I got out of the Uber, I saw Larry pull up.  While he was parking, I looked across the street and there was Circus Liquor!  It’s a slightly iconic location as it just is quite a thing to see, but most importantly, it was the setting for a hilarious moment in the movie Clueless:


And here I am!

And here are the pictures of the food we ate tonight – while we ate, they ran pictures from other events and weddings at the Oviatt (this caterer is the exclusive caterer for Oviatt Penthouse) and Larry & I got lots of inspiration!

Wedding Menu Tasting:

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