100 Days!

Well, well – looky here.  We’re 100 days out, according to www.hobieandlarry.com!  As I mentioned the other day, I’m not feeling too crazy about where we are in terms of wedding preparations.  Sure, there’s tons more money to spend.  A hell of a lot of details to finalize.  But the major components are in place.

Just tonight, the invitations were formally ordered.  We should hopefully get them back by the end of the month so we can immediately get them out into the world and towards our invited guests.

I just know that this is all going to fly by and before we’ll know it, April 30 will be here and then be gone.  So I’m not going to stress about things or wish that this would just happen, as I want to enjoy all of these feelings.  I’m excited to see so many people I care for and love all together in one place, as I doubt it’ll ever happen again in this manner.  It’s exciting!

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