End of Another 4-day Weekend (T-193)

Damn, those weekends never seem to go by very slowly.

C’est la vie. Had a relatively eventful weekend though, which always makes it nice. To make it interesting, I’ll tell the story in reverse. I just finished watching 24, and I gotta say, Thank God that (former) President Logan is back on the show!!!!!!!! Now we’re talking! It looks like Mrs. Logan will be back too. SWEET. Also watched Marie Antoinette on DVD (a blind buy from Best Buy) – I think I liked it…. but honestly, while it was actually interesting to watch a take on Marie Antoinette that showed her as a girl way out of her element (and not just the monstrous “Let Them Eat Cake!” beyotch), nothing…seemed…to…actually…happen. And when the French Revolution occurred and things started to pick up…it ended. I don’t need to see guillotines and stuff, but maybe I do? Before I watched Marie Antoinette though, I caught up on Survivor, and realized, like a total moron, that I STILL forgot to TiVo the Amazing Race. DAMMIT! Survivor was great though, and it’s shaping up to be quite a season – especially if the Mavo team keeps losing and don’t improve their squalor. I also managed to get my car cleaned up and sweep out the garage of a lot of dirt and roadsalt that my car dumps on the floor once it dries out. All the snow we have had had led to my garage being filthy. Everytime I would drive into my garage, I’d cringe and go “Man, I really need to clean that out…” but of course I would have that thought right as I drive on top of it after a long boring day at work. And by that point, I was NOT going to go clean my garage. But it’s done, and looks great. All stuff I did after waking up on Jeff’s couch this morning from last night’s party at his house….

Yep, we had an impromptu party over at his house on Sunday night – it was a combined Dance Dance Revolution / Guitar Hero party – one room had the DDR set up and the other had Guitar Hero. It was freakin’ awesome. I of course had plenty to drink – but not too much, as I didn’t throw up or end up hungover. I know it helps to do a lot of DDR – not only is it an awesome workout, it sweats the alcohol right outta you. But good times nonetheless. We did this after driving home from Denver where we ended the Denver trip with a visit to Dave & Buster’s. It’s really hard not to have a good time at D&B’s, and this was no different. We played all the good stuff, including air hockey, the horse race skeeball game (my FAVORITE), 3D war games, all the gun games you could try, and a couple racing ones as well. Shuffleboard also, because shuffleboard is awesome. We didn’t eat there but we could have after exploring the Cherry Creek mall in Denver, which is WAY fancy. All the high-end stores are there, and it’s a blast to just look around in there. Anyways…

I’m really sleepy now – I have pictures to put up, but I’m not at the energy-level I need to be to put them up just yet. Tomorrow for sure. I’ll continue going backwards in time to recap what else I did, and perhaps I’ll have some energy to discuss other stuff too?

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