Buckle Up! Big Brother 17 Starts Tonight!

Geez…didn’t we just finish this show?  No?  It’s been 9 months?  9 months since Derrick’s epic win?  Well, shit, I guess that means my television schedule is about to get hijacked yet again by ridiculously stupid but unfailingly addictive trashy Big Brother!!!  My body is ready. It starts tonight, people, and as a heads up, please know that my Featured pages will get spammed with Big Brother posts because that is just something I do when this show comes back.  It’s fun for all!

Quick note:  Is it me, or is there just ONE bit of male hotness apparent thus far?  I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised, but so far only Clay Honeycutt (really, that’s a name in the real world and not a Nicholas Sparks book?) has me do a double-take.  I suppose there won’t be a Cody/Caleb competition this year…le sigh.

I’ve been reading that the twists this summer will include things like a “Twist Every Week!” which sounds exhausting.  It’ll probably be lame stuff but who knows?  Maybe it will really force the houseguests to constantly keep modifying their strategies and force alliances to break and/or reshuffle.  That would keep things more interesting, especially in the latter half of the season!

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