The Return of Community!

What a wonderful treat!  Community is back on this wondrous St. Patrick’s Day holiday after it’s cancellation on NBC and save by Yahoo!  I just finished watching the first 2 episodes that are available and I have to say, the show is absolutely fantastic.  I laughed a lot and not like the pity-laughter you sometimes do when you really want to like something and find you just don’t.  That was probably what a lot of my Season 4 laughing was due to; but Season 6’s inaugural episodes are flat-out hilarious.

I do miss Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), but they’ve managed to honor her character and address a lot of the meta-issues head on.  The addition of Paget Brewster as Frankie is really good, as she’s quite funny herself trying to be the normal person within this Greendale group.  The second episode sees the introduction of Keith David and he’s of course great.  I’m happy to see that there are some good character developments occurring too, especially with Britta, at least so far.

Watching it on Yahoo! Screen hasn’t been a terrible thing, although I certainly would like to search out on if Yahoo! Screen is something that can be installed as an app on the Samsung SmartTV section.  I just like when I can enjoy this kind of goodness in a bit bigger of a picture.  Hopefully if it’s not available on the TV, that perhaps Apple TV or the PS4 will have it.  Anyway, Community is back and I love it and you should too!

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