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A Long Way Here

There have been some lessons learned in this recent trip to NYC – first and foremost, enough with the 1-stop itineraries.  You’re going to get screwed.  How do I know this? Because my Burbank-Phoenix-JFK itinerary got blown to hell when after arriving in Phoenix, I received a text from AMEX Travel that said my flight to JFK was flat-out cancelled. UGH.  After about an hour on the phone with the amazingly helpful PwC AMEX Travel team, I was re-booked, this time now to fly to Dallas first, then to LaGuardia.  Even through many delays for the flight leaving Dallas because ATC was keeping air traffic out of NYC due to wind (it seems), I finally got here.  14 hours later.  Ridiculous. Amazingly, my bag actually made it too.  I figured it was gone for good.

But I’m here, I made it to my first day of training, and I got to see Superman‘s Daily Planet lobby on my way to work.  I then took pictures of it on my way back to the hotel.  That’s swell…

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