So there’s Steve – the guy I’m currently dating the heck out of. He rocks.

I know that last I filled you in on the happenings of my life, I felt all kinds of stupid about all sorts of things. Well, I’m happy to report that so far, Steve has remained. And it’s incredible to have a pretty cool guy like him in my life, especially with how things have been going lately at work.

OY – work. It’s become a veritable ridiculous nonsense machine. And if I had written this entry yesterday, well, it would have been a very depressed, completely exhausted post about how much work sucks right now, becuase of the REACT application blah blah blah. But I had my first really good day with it today since we rolled it out to the Englewood Cliffs facility. A major setback was overcome, and not a moment too soon, as last night there were Senior VPs of NBC who were brought in to work on this issue. I am making quite a name for myself, let me tell you….. NOT. But this has dominated my life for the past two weeks, and there is no saying otherwise. It’s just nice to see some POSITIVE progress there.

I wish I could report a whole slew of awesome things I’ve done since I last updated, but really, there’s not. LOTS of work, a bit of dating (but very fun dating), and of course hanging out with Shelly at home, where we can both bitch to each other about how busy we are. 🙂 It’s a Living.

So anyways, I just wanted to check in, show you Steve, and probably take down that pic tomorrow as I’m sure somewhere he doesn’t appreciate being ogled on my site. <grin> Oh well.

Hoping that everything is going good for all you out there in the rest of the world!

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