C U Next Tuesday

Nah, I’ll probably see you sooner, at least virtually. But I had never heard this particular way to swear before. Love it.

So like I said, I was only going to have Steve’s pic on the front for one day. This website is all about me and it’s not really fair or all that cool to post up pics of people who are completely unaware that it’s up. And he totally is. Unaware.

Can I just say I’m exhausted? By this week….oy.

I don’t really have anything else to write right now. I think I’m sleepy. I just needed to keep my pledge from yesterday. And since recent pics of me have been absolutely horrendous, I figured I would just throw up on the front page a crazy-ass pic of my eye from 2002 in the Azores. I even remember thinking how cool it would be to take a close-up pic of my eye. And well, now you know that it could be quite boring in the Azores!

Speaking of the Azores! I forgot to mention that I had dinner with my roommate from the Azores, Angelo, this past weekend. He and his boyfriend (no, the water in the Azores is not homo-inducing) were in town and we were able to all meet up for dinner. It was nice to see him, especially since we didn’t part ways without a bit of awkwardness over 5 years ago. It’s amazing how much time, maturity, and experience render so many of the things that used to seem so huge so insignificant. So it really was nice to see Angelo and to see that he’s happy. He lives in DC so in addition to Jeff (who got orders to there and will be reporting in July!), my installed friend base out here on the East Coast is starting to build up!

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