Cody’s Getting Into the Game

BB16 Episode 10 – July 16, 2014

Even IF it was just Cody finally realizing that all he had to do was put on a strip show every episode, I’d say that Cody’s getting into the game.  BUT!  This episode showed that he’s also here to play (and wear cute outfits and strip them off) with the things that developed over the course of this episode.  Let’s discuss!

An Intriguing Love Triangle Emerges

BB16_ep10_CodyMassagesAmberAlright, so I did not expect this development as it hadn’t been hinted at all on the show up to this point.  So when we see this fairly intimate massage moment with Cody and Amber, it was like a record scratch….Hey now, my boy Cody is working his shit and it looks like Amber is a LOT more interested in this pairing than with Caleb. BB16_Ep10_CalebDeathStare We then get a fantastic long tracking shot from where Caleb is laying down in bed and glaring in the direction of this massage party going on in the living room.  He’s clearly pissed off and jealous of Cody when he stomps by them in a huff.

BB16_Ep10_AmberCalebChattingThey’re totally aware that Caleb is throwing a tantrum and Amber is OVER IT.  She is tired of Caleb’s affections as she insists she’s not reciprocating the feelings.  Nevertheless, Cody sees this as a warning and knows he has to smooth things out.  So up he goes to follow Caleb and use his magic fingers on him….oh wait, that didn’t happen, but damn….it should.

“We’re Both Two Good-Looking Guys”

BB16_Ep10_CodyCalebChat BB16_Ep10_CodyCalebChat2I probably couldn’t tell you how that is a relevant fact to this discussion to calm Caleb down.  I could see it as a pick-up line and I would fully support that, but it is indeed the tack that Cody is taking to reassure Caleb he has no designs on Amber.  WE know that’s a lie, but Cody knows he has to sell the hell out of that message or else Caleb will undoubtedly target Cody the first chance he gets.  Caleb insists that everything is good and even IF Cody is interested in Amber, that is all good with him.

BB16_Ep10_DerrickandCodyStrategize BB16_Ep10_CodyandDerrickStrat2Cody’s no fool and knows Caleb absolutely has feelings for Amber and will come after him for making moves on Caleb’s “queen.”  So back in the HoH room with Derrick, Cody and Caleb, while discussing the fact that Caleb has to come down and Devin has to go up and get backdoored, Caleb leaves.  OH BOY.  The second that the door closes, Derrick and Cody face each other and say, “let’s talk for reals.”  Cody admits that if the Devin plan fails, it’s the exact right time to take out Caleb.  Derrick is momentarily stunned but immediately agrees that it’s a good plan.  WOW.  I know that I still have the Bomb Squad alliance in outline in my Alliance Chart, but I may have to really reconsider that.  These guys are openly targeting each other.  I LOVE it.

So there you go – Cody is playing this game and is ready to take on some big targets!  I’m so much more impressed and almost wanting to give him bonus points in the Most Important Contest That Matters.  I’ll try to keep the integrity of that contest intact, but it may be difficult.  I also appreciate he’s doing this so that the majority of my screencaps are focused on either him or Caleb.  Thank you, Cody!

Tangent:  Nicole the Frog!

BB16_Ep10_NicoleTheFrogPoor Nicole – her “reward” for being deposed as Head of Household is this brand new Frog Suit, which she has to wear for the next week.  Honestly though, she’s just too damn adorable and the Frog Suit only makes her cuter. Hayden must be losing his damn mind.

Veto Competition Time: Tumblin’ Dice

BB16_Ep10_AdorableCodyI loved this challenge a lot.  The obvious first reason was the gambling theme, especially since it focused on Craps. But c’mon…..did you SEE Cody all dressed up as the host?  Caleb who?????  I love how Frankie is all ecstatic over this outfit here – how could he not though?  The man isn’t blind.

The plan was for Devin to get backdoored, but the plan hit its first snag when Devin was luckily picked to compete in the Veto.  IMAGINE THAT <nudge, nudge, wink, wink>.  So with this happy coincidence, Devin now has a shot to win Veto for himself and ensure the nominations stay the same.

BB16_Ep10_VetoComp BB16_Ep10_VetoComp2BB16_Ep10_WinWitha6In this comp, the houseguests have to challenge another houseguest in a battle to who can flip their giant die and end up back at the start with the random # spun facing up.  Not a trivial challenge in the least, and one that Devin started getting really good at as of course everyone was challenging him. Derrick had a terrible moment where he could have just won if he had moved, but ended up doing the robot instead.  Luckily for the house, Donny was in play as Jacosta’s player.  Jacosta herself was off weeping somewhere, loudly, while being dehydrated so she wasn’t participating.  Donny handily defeated Devin (to unabashed cheers from the observing houseguests) as well as Caleb, winning the Veto for himself.  He made no qualms about the fact he was using it on Jacosta.  It’s almost a spiteful decision too, as Donny is feeling quite out of the loop and doesn’t trust Derrick at all and also refuses to let Derrick know his gameplans.  This could be an interesting rift in the future!

The Best Show Ever

BB16_Ep10_JacostaTearsAfter Donny wins Veto, he goes into the bedroom where Jacosta is sleeping and gives her the good news.  Unreal sobs come from Jacosta, causing both empathy sobs and amused smiles as it really was LOUD SOBBING.

BB16_Ep10_CodyStrips BB16_Ep10_AmberApprovesofCody BB16_Ep10_CodyDancesThe sobs attract the attention of Amber and also the latest Chippendales member, Croupier Cody!  Hot damn, that mofo was working it.  It seemed to cheer Jacosta up and also prompt Frankie to say he was feeling emotional and dehydrated too and needed immediate cheering up.  I am loving Frankie more and more each episode.

The Veto Ceremony:  Sob Harder

BB16_Ep10_DonnyVeto BB16_Ep10_DonnyJacostaVetoJacosta, get it together.  Getting the Veto from Donny is a very nice gesture, but this overreaction is ludicrous.  The SOBS!!! The emotional “I always give, but never receive!  Now I’m receiving!!! O Lord!!!!” is so overblown – it’s a damn Veto on Big Brother.  And you weren’t the target anyway.  GET. IT.  TOGETHER.  BB16_Ep10_MoreJacostaTears2

Together Again!

BB16_Ep10_CalebDevinNominatedMaybe it’s not the cuddle time Caleb had imagined, or the song that Devin pledged to sing during said cuddling, but these two are together again on the Nomination Block.  After Jacosta came down, Derrick put Devin right up.  Now we’ll have to see which plan goes into effect tonight:  will it be the original one targeting Devin, or will Cody convince Derrick to move forward on Plan B and oust Caleb?

Status and Standings:

BB16_Ep10_StandingsHead of Household: Derrick
Nominated for Eviction: Caleb and Jacosta
Power of Veto Winner:  Donny
Veto Used?  Yes, on Jacosta
Now Nominated for Eviction:  Caleb and Devin
TeamAmerica Mission:  Zach/Amanda Rumor Spreading was successful

We’ve got the intriguing new line between Cody and Amber.  I didn’t color it pink just yet, but I’m fairly certain it will be in Episode 11’s chart.   As for tonight, I am really excited to see who the house ends up going with to evict.  Both are strong targets and would be a prized kill for a potential endgame jury speech.

Best Competition Ever!

BB16_Ep10_CalebVCodyStandings as of Episode 10: Caleb, 5; Cody, 3

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