A Trying Day

When you have a shitty day at work, it’s obviously not the best idea to then go vent about it in an online capacity.  So what can you do?  Clearly, the best route is to talk about it to trusted listeners, so I did that.  At home, I then did another thing that helps you process pent-up energy….I exercised, for pete’s sake – it wasn’t what you probably think I was about to type!  Although that certainly doesn’t hurt either.

What I think I can say though is that there are certain times and situations in which if one has something to say, as opposed to letting it fester inside and let it get ugly, perhaps it’s best to just say it.  Let things work out from there.  As I type this, I think this mindset can be applied to many situations out there.

So there it is.  Nothing too detailed, and exceedingly vague.  But how I feel tonight is a far cry better than how I felt this morning, and I’m very glad about that.  Putting things in perspective really helps too.

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