Med Cruise II: Surprising Kotor

Surprise!  Okay, maybe there wasn’t truly a moment where either Larry or I jumped out and surprised Kotor.  But this city in Montenegro was quite a beautiful surprise and I won’t be surprised to see its popularity grow due to its natural beauty.

May 26, 2012 – Kotor, Montenegro

On Day 11, it was our last port of call, Kotor in Montenegro. And of course, the forecast was for 90% rain. And sure enough, the forecast didn’t disappoint. I think we were close to saying screw it, but we decided that since we hadn’t ever been there before, let’s just do that. But it still was nightmarish, as we got out there and once on the bus, the thunder and lightning flared up followed shortly by hail. Ugh. The tour was “Baroque Delicacies” and part of it involved taking a quick boat trip to this tiny island in the fjord area where a church was. The entire ride there was drenched in rain. But once we got to the island, the rain actually stopped. Yet again, the rain stopped when it needed to. After that point, we didn’t get anymore rain in Montenegro, and it was awesome. Ridiculously gorgeous too. Got to see that island, the town of Perast, and finally a walking tour of the old city of Kotor. Ridiculous scenery, and lots of hotness too. Very nice. It was a nice way to end our touristic section of the cruise, as after that, it’s just two days at sea then we are back in Barcelona.

That evening, we had made plans to have dinner with Dave in the Silhouette Dining Room. Turns out he hasn’t eaten there yet as he’s by himself so he just ate at the dining hall. No gracias. We had a good time talking with him and we all went to the show afterwards, which was a wonderful female singer who is engaged to the magician from the night before. After that was some time in the casino, where finally someone was able to throw the dice for a long time, and I made some money. Lost it all though once that guy sevened out and no one else could throw worth a damn. Saw Harriet & Doug again too and I just love them so much. Such nice people. Then the three of us went to the Sky Bar for 70s night, and in the course of the evening there, I confirmed with Dave that he’s on our team. It’s nice to know that and makes the conversations a lot more specific. Plus, everyone was wanting to know. Trust me.

Arrival in Montenegro

Baroque Delicacies Excursion:  Perast and the Islands

Baroque Delicacies Excursion: Old City of Kotor

Dramatic Departure from Montenegro

2013 Mediterranean Adventure Pics

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