Goodbye, Oviatt?

Well, this was a surprise bit of news to discover!  I had been looking at my wedding websites that I’d bookmarked back in 2015-2016 and was like, let’s look at the Oviatt website!  And then I got a ‘no content here’ webpage and was like, uh what?  So I did a google search and Yelp has it listed as CLOSED and I’m like, uh what?   Then I start searching more and it’s like, OH DAMN.   The company that ran the Oviatt Penthouse venue, Truly Yours Catering, is shut down since mid 2019 and the owner basically disappeared.   There were 7 events planned and none of them got any notice, even last-minute notice, that their venue was no longer available.  It’s not clear if they were able to get any money back, but I doubt it.   From what I can see, the owner has no contact info anymore and might have gone to Thailand?  I feel so bad for those folks as it actually was a super wonderful place to have a wedding and I was a huge fan of the catering too.  I’m sad that it’s not a place I can go visit or take a tour at anymore – as that’s a little bit of the reason I clicked on the website in the first place as I was thinking about maybe going back there for a tour.  But regardless, Larry and my wedding there is not something that can be taken away from me as the memories are just so magical.

I’ve linked to the local news station’s stories about it:

Brides Warn Of Wedding Scam After Venue Reservations Disappear

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