A Day Away

Larry’s father arranged travel in to visit with Larry and Alyssa today.  Accordingly, Fran, Joel and I were not going to stick around for it.  In the morning though, Larry did get bathed by a bathing assistant which was much needed.  So after that, we brought Larry down to the living room.  We then went over to the Americana.  Fran was able to get her hair blown at Dry Bar there while Joel and I went to Eggslut for breakfast, which was surprisingly good.  After Fran was done, she rejoined us and we spent some time at Barnes & Noble, then the Apple Store, and some more wandering around until it was around lunch and then we went to Amici for pizza and wine.   We spent a good amount of time there people watching and then Nicki ended up joining us.  We walked all around the Americana as well as over to Galleria, getting Larry some larger underwear and sleeping pants, as he’d swelled quite a bit and was getting his circulation cut.  We ended up at the wine bar area, and then around 6pm, headed back home.  His father was gone by then and Alyssa gave us a bit of a rundown on what happened, which wasn’t much. Not sure he is able to handle what is happening, but I don’t care.  I only care that Larry was okay.  It was a lost day for us to spend with Larry, but this way we won’t feel remorse over any closure in that regard.   During the day, I had called True Care to get a hospital bed delivered as it became clear he couldn’t sleep in our bed anymore and needed more control over body position.  Had it installed up in our bedroom that night.  He was able to sleep and I took some CBD oil drops before bed to ensure I was able to sleep, which I did better than the night before.

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