Coming Home

Larry came home from the ICU. It wasn’t until early afternoon, so we were able to spend the morning in the room with him (Alyssa, me, Fran).  Michancy left today, but she didn’t come in with us as her flight was in the morning.   She had had a chance to say goodbye to Larry the previous day, which of course is not something you ever want to have to consider.

Today, Larry was pretty with it and able to eat, which was good.  After lunch, we then got the process started and he was transported via ambulance back home, while Fran and I drove back and Alyssa was with Larry.  True Care hospice is who we’re using and they’ve been pretty amazing.  They provide absolutely everything you need and they delivered it.  An intake LVN helped get us situated at the beginning on site at home, and she got all the initial requests started.  Larry spent that first night back in our bed as that was what he had requested.  It was a hard night for me as I couldn’t sleep not knowing what he might need.

An RN came that evening before bed (very hot, btw) and he evaluated Larry more thoroughly.  Unfortunately, while Larry was okay (relatively), Paul mentioned that there were concerning things.  I think that was his way of saying Larry doesn’t have a lot of time left, which I understand and can’t deny.

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