A Day in Duarte

I ended up having a day out on my own this day as I had to drive out to Duarte.   My first stop was to see mom as she had told me that she had a burned out lightbulb, and I also wanted to get a card table to borrow for Thanksgiving.  So we visited, and I found out there was no burned out lightbulb, just that a bulb might go out.  Good times.  Did get the table and chairs (which wasn’t necessary after all).  Swung by City of Hope next, as I brought back the chemo pump that had been removed two Fridays previous when we had in-home care come by and do that since Larry wasn’t up for going back to City of Hope to get it done back then.  No surprise, as I didn’t ever want him to have to deal with them ever again either.  So I took it back, bouncing from the pharmacy area and finally to the infusion clinic area where I hope they logged it back in.

After that, I decided to be proactive about my car.   It had been sluggish in the last few weeks/months whenever it would start – even if just a day or two had gone by without driving it.   I thought at first it might be something more, but then I realized I’ve had this car battery since I bought the car in 2013, and it’s had one fail during that time when I left my car’s interior lights on for 10 days.  So I went to Pep Boys and got a new battery, but because I was a walk-in I I had to wait a bit.  Killed the time by going to Taco Bell, then walking along Huntington past the Popeye’s (crowded of course due to their chicken sandwich), and finally to the Living Spaces nearby as I was thinking about new chairs for the dining room.   Didn’t buy anything at that time but still considering an upgrade.  But yeah, finally the battery installation was done and it’s a whole new feeling in my car.  So peppy.  Plus the new battery seems to maybe have been key for the HUD panel in my car – so far it comes up reliably.

Chairs Under Consideration:

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