Big Brother 15: It’s 3 A.M., Do You Know If Your Alliance is Real?

Episode 21 – August 14, 2013

Alright, so that was a lot of stuff going on last night.  Most troublesome was the fact that the article I had JUST written now looks to be the height of hilarity as the QUEEN IS BEING LED TO SLAUGHTER!  The three men above have a huge amount to do with that development, and I don’t like it one bit.  Okay, I think it’s pretty awesome, but I was pulling for Helen to be victorious as she seemed so unstoppable.  Let’s back up though before I ramble too long.

Battle for Andy’s (Big Brother) Soul…

Andy, the lynchpin

Andy has really found himself in a key position this week.  After his non-controversial nominations this week, two things immediately happened.

  1. His nominations of Spencer and Jessie were exactly what Amanda & McCrae wanted, so Andy has now solidified his place in this Final Four alliance of Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn and Andy, or as they’re now known, 3 A.M.  Not sure if this alliance will stick, but there it is.  I’m glad that’s the name that they went with after Aaryn suggested it, as McCrae’s suggestions were awful.
  2. Helen immediately went to work on Andy, encouraging him that at the Veto, it was his chance to make a “big game move.”  In no uncertain terms, it was time for Andy to target the power couple of Amanda & McCrae.

Needle scratch time!   Even though there was a little bit of hemming and hawing by Andy, it was clear to us that he’s made his decision, as he’s choosing 3 A.M.  UNFORTUNATELY FOR THE QUEEN (Helen), that means it was time for 3 A.M. to fuck with her.

Queen Helen of Whatthefuckistan

Helen – In Probation

Yeah, I’ve stripped Helen of her title of Queen of Big Brother 15.  I was crestfallen when McCrae’s plan of a fake alliance with Helen was bought hook, line and sinker.  HELEN!!!!  COME ON.  I mean, yeah, McCrae sold the hell out of it and his reasons sounded good about Amanda being a terrible threat at the end and no one could beat her….but c’mon….really?  You think it’s gonna be that hard to beat Amanda?  Maybe for everyone else, but not you.  Also, there’s no way McCrae is going to turn on Amanda, which should have been a huge red flag for you.  I was so ready for you to laugh in the Diary Room at the gall that McCrae would try to pull something on you.  But you didn’t!  So Helen, you’re in a probation status for now with me as I do think you might figure things out.  Maybe even Elissa, who is great at math.  Holy crap, was that performance art or what!?  Loved Elissa at that point as it was clear she was having fun with it.

Spencer, Sassypants of BB15

bb15_ep21_vetocompDespite everything Spencer does, he still sticks around.  He’s made alliances that almost instantly dissolve yet it’s never been him who takes the brunt of any of the blowback.  Now that there are fewer people around to take it for him, he is likely in trouble.  So how did Spencer shoot himself in the foot this time?  Oh, you know, by throwing the bird at the entire house (except for Jessie) during the Power of Veto competition.  EVERYONE, at Amanda’s behest, was going to throw the challenge so Helen could win the Veto instead of Jessie.  No mess, no fuss.  Spencer wasn’t even a target but someone had to be up on the block.  But Spencer, Sassypants McGee, was like, “uh uh, I came to play, bitches.”  Who knows what he’s playing, but for realz, he’s playing.  So right when Helen was about to win her 3rd and final ticket to win the Power of Veto counting game (and I guess McCrae really is a superfan as wow, good call on what challenge was coming up next!), Spencer decides it’s time to play.  And Helen gets knocked out!  Amanda was most displeased.  Despite Spencer’s best (?) efforts though, the plan didn’t go completely off the rails as Andy ended up winning.  If Spencer had managed to win, maybe I’d give him props.  But alas, that didn’t happen. Shocker!

The Power of Veto

bb15_ep21_andyvetoAndy decided against doing any backdooring, keeping the elimination tonight relatively painless in the big scheme of things.  With Jessie out, Helen certainly loses an ally as Jessie is more than happy to go after Amanda.  Spencer leaving is probably a good thing for everyone as he is a wildcard and can’t even follow a plan.  But the implications of what happened this episode and their impact on Helen in the very near future are going to be huge.  Either Helen gets a clue and realizes she’s getting played, or next week, if she or Elissa don’t win HoH tonight, it’s likely she’s headed home, as Amanda and McCrae are fully aware of Helen’s intentions against them, thanks to Andy.

So I guess I’m surprised that despite relatively safe nominations both before and after the Veto, a lot of dominoes were getting set up to get ready for the coming apocalypse.  BRING. IT. ON.

So Who’s Going Home?

Nominee #1: Jessie
Nominee #2: Spencer

It used to be a sure thing that Jessie would be the one going home.  Spencer’s little faux pas at the Veto challenge could impact things though, and he does have the potential to aggravate people even more.  Jessie doesn’t have a great track record with that either and could set Amanda off.  I’m guessing Jessie is gone, unless she can do more of what she was trying to do by planting seeds of other alliances in Andy’s head.

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