Big Brother 15: All Hail the Queen

Episode 20 – August 11, 2013

Now now, I’m not getting all feisty on you.  I’m referring, of course, to Queen Helen, who is bulldozing her way to a BB15 victory.  If you’re smart, you don’t get in the way of Queen Helen, or you will be destroyed.  And oh, lookie lookie – our resident gay, Andy, won something in Big Brother!  And HoH no less!  Will he do anything of note with his time as HoH?  Based on this episode, it doesn’t seem like it, and that he’s content to make minimal waves….although there is potential for drama this week as he could upset Queen Helen….and Andy, girl, you do NOT want that.

But first….

Poor Judd

We got a bit more information on the Judd shocker, and was it a surprise?  Nope.  Judd was clearly highlighted as a target that HAD to go during a double elimination by none other than Queen Helen.  She recognized that Judd would have been extremely hard to get out via a traditional eviction week as he’s so damn likable.  So as soon as Aaryn accidentally won HoH – by the way, I found it hilarious that Aaryn wasn’t really wanting HoH as she didn’t want the blood on her hands….TOO BAD – Helen was in her ear reminding her that Judd was the best target.  It really was heartbreaking though to see everyone in tears as no one wanted to evict him but they knew it had to happen.  Judd’s pleadings before the vote were destroying Aaryn but they didn’t stop people from voting him out.   We’ll miss you, Judd!

Andy, our new HoH

bb15_ep20_andywinshohWell then, Andy beat out McCrae at the very end of that bracketed HoH competition (and side note:  Amanda!  Stop your fucking whining about McCrae not letting you win – he is right about you not appearing as a threat and do you really want to win by having it handed to you???)  to finally win something.  Kind of a gyp that we didn’t get to see his “Who Wants to See My HoH Room?” moment, but I guess it was due to having to shove in the HoH competition into this episode.  OR IT WAS HOMOPHOBIC MALICE!!!  ha, just kidding.  OR AM I?  I guess it’s available as an extra scene on the CBS website.  Lame.

Anyway, Andy is now in a bind.  With him being HoH, and there being fewer and fewer floaters to nominate, it’s getting time to put up or shut up with regards to making “big game moves.”  I love when everyone says that when strategizing.  I especially love it when Helen gets them to do her dirty work by using that phrase.  But I digress.  You see, Andy has committed to two alliances:

Alliance 1:  Andy with Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn

Alliance 2:  Andy with Elissa and Helen (for the life of me, I can’t remember if there’s a third here)

bb15_ep20_hohcomp2Amanda pushes for Jessie (no love lost between those two, for sure) and Spencer as nominees, which is definitely safe.  But Helen is pushing for more dramatic upheavals and wants Andy to nominate both Amanda & McCrae.  Queen Helen has some major cojones.  Talk about wanting to get some shit happening!  Helen couches it in that Andy would have something to brag about in terms of “big game moves” but of course she wants that powerful duo broken for her personal gain as well.  And if Andy is the guy who did it?  Even better.  I’m not sure Helen will want to win HoH for a while yet as she still has lots of sway over others, but I think she needs to start playing delicately.  She isn’t totally aware that Andy is playing for both teams (so to speak) and as she mentioned after the nominations, Andy could become a target if he isn’t up for doing some backdooring (so to speak).

Who Was Nominated, Dammit?

Nominee #1: Jessie
Nominee #2: Spencer

Well, as I hinted at, Andy went safe with his nominations, much to Helen’s visible dismay.  He chose the remaining easy targets to go after (although GinaMarie probably would be easy to get out – and how hilarious was it that even Aaryn is like, I’d like to get rid of GM but I just can’t), Jessie & Spencer.  I think Andy likes his final 4 deal with Amanda & McCrae more than he does a deal with Helen, which I think will provide interesting fireworks this week.  I don’t see him having any interest in backdooring them either….and if he’s REALLY ballsy, he could turn on Helen and backdoor her or Elissa.  That would be devastating but awesome.  I’m interested if he confesses to one side or the other about the open scheming that is going on.  Anyway, I have hope that tonight’s episode is revealing, what with the Power of Veto and Backdoor Potential.


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