Big Brother 15: That Tiger Didn’t Go Crazy…

Episode 5 – July 7, 2013

In the immortal words of Chris Rock, “That tiger didn’t go crazy, that tiger went TIGER!”  That’s what I have to say about Aryan’s and the other dipshits’ comments….sure, it’s a heightened sense of craziness living in the BB house, but the shit they were saying was not just the occasional joke or out-of-context statement.  It’s truly nasty what they’re saying – and I may still be in shock that CBS actually showed the audience a taste of what was said.  If you checked out the article on Reality Blurred from a few posts ago, you’ll see how truly gross some of the things were.   Dead horse, you have been properly beaten.

The HoH Result

Week 2’s HoH: Aaryn

When we rejoin the houseguests after the cliffhanger from the last episode, we see the competition is in full swing.  Aryan & Jeremy are unfortunately in the lead although neck-and-neck with Elissa & Andy, but in the end, Aryan & Jeremy win.  (BTdubs, people online are claiming that Aryan & Jeremy cheated during the challenge and just swapped their containers instead of pouring the contents from one to the other…if true, totally not surprising.  Big Brother has a track record of looking the other way if the outcome is guaranteed to keep drama in the house).

Also found out that the winning team had to determine amongst itself who would take HoH.  Jeremy wisely (can’t believe I’m using that word next to his name) insists Aryan should have it, as he knows he controls her vote and is thus free to compete for HoH next week.  Yay.  Most of the house is less than thrilled at the prospect of Aryan in control.

Fucked Up Shit

Have-Not: Elissa
Have-Not: Helen
Have-Not: Candice
Have-Not: Andy

What the hell is this bullshit with the HoH getting to determine who is going to be a Have-Not?  What the fuck happened to the competition?  This again smells like BB throwing fuel on to the fire as it was no surprise that Elissa and the Minorities (dibs on that band name!) were on their way to HaveNotVille with Aryan in charge.  This decision was of course after Aryan’s petulant demand that everybody who voted for David raise their hand.  Obviously no one raised their hand, but of course it didn’t matter.

Catching Up With the Moving Company

Get a clue get a clue get a clue

Two meanings here.  First, I am regrettably impressed that the alliance is still holding on.  Even though Jeremy is acting a bit erratically, their strategy of everyone having their own little side-duo alliance is pretty good, and they all seem to be committed to making that happen.  Nick has GinaMarie (poor Jessie is probably jealous), Jeremy has Aryan (I think), and Spencer has Candice.  Spencer brilliantly set up Candice’s vote ahead of the elimination so that there were still plenty of Elissa votes there.  Smart.  And I think he’s thisclose to getting away with it too, but Candice and Helen may be “catching” on to this secret alliance!  Their conversation and information sharing gives me hope that Helen can get some revenge, but I think I’m really hoping for a miracle.  Even if they piece it together, what then?  What proof do they have?  They could just call it out and put doubt in people’s minds.  Or they could try to use it to their advantage and spread disinformation.  Not sure, but at least there’s a glimmer, and for now, that’s almost enough.

CBS Puts It Out There

I’m still in shock that CBS addressed the controversy directly in one of the segments and showed quite a lot of the blatant racism and homophobia that some of the houseguests are engaging in.  Aaryn and GinaMarie got the worst of the edit – just wondering if Jeremy’s rampant disgustingness and misogyny will be highlighted as well one day?


Obvious Nominee #1: Elissa
Obvious Nominee #2: Helen

Not surprising in the slightest.  Aryan irrationally hates Elissa and according to her nomination speech, Helen is collateral damage since Helen has the nerve to be friendly with Elissa.  I respect that Helen reached out to Aryan to try to figure out an arrangement that could benefit them both, but let’s be real here, Aryan isn’t about to make a deal with Helen.  That would be beneath her, as she’s got all the jocks and white folk on her side.  I’m surprised Helen even suggested it, but that is the kind of stuff you HAVE to do to survive in this game.  It would actually be an interesting alliance if it were to ever happen, but it won’t.

Can I say I was super-nervous when Nick started targeting Amanda????  If she goes, I go.

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