Big Brother 15: If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

Episode 4 – July 3, 2013

I was struggling to come up with a headline that prevented me from sounding just as awful as the people within the house.   It’s been very difficult to do so, as many of them involved creative uses of offensive words, which I easily came up with. It’s a gift.  Instead, I ended up remembering the phrase above.  It’s been a few days since the last episode and in the meantime, Larry & I finally started watching House of Cards and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing that yourself, you know that once you start, it’s nearly impossible to stop watching that show.  IT’S THAT GOOD.  But tonight is the new episode of Big Brother 15, so I had to get back to it.  I’m not super invested in doing a lengthy dissection of the episode as I don’t really remember much, BUT, I will probably prove myself wrong and get very long-winded, so get comfy just in case.

Goodbye, David

First to go: David

I am happy to see you go.  You were so empty of a player that you added no value to the game.  The pleasure I also got from your eviction was seeing that…. see, I’m controlling myself here, was seeing Aryan’s complete disbelief at what just happened.  It was clear from her face and your interview with Julie afterwards that no one saw that coming.  Good.   This was the 7 – 5 vote breakdown:

  • Amanda: David
  • Aaryn: Elissa
  • Nick: David
  • Candice: Elissa
  • Spencer: David
  • Kaitlin: Elissa (sigh)
  • Helen: David
  • Howard: David
  • GinaMarie: Elissa
  • Judd: David
  • Jeremy: Elissa
  • Andy: David

Pretty much the people I can’t stand now voted for Elissa.  I don’t know much about Candice still but it seems she has either thrown in with these people (who btw, are talking complete racist shit about her) or is completely clueless (I’m leaning that way), and Kaitlin, well, let’s just say she’s no longer in Hobie’s My Girls roster.  Have fun with your…ugh, I just typed how Jeremy described one of her body parts and it made me feel too dirty, so I’m done with that thought.

My Girls, Revised


So yeah, Kaitlin is out.  I can’t freakin’ believe she’s all up in that disgusting mofo.  Enough said about that.  I like Amanda a lot more than before as she was unafraid of Jeremy’s bullshit (to be discussed shortly) as well as the fact that in her goodbye video to David, she straight up called Aryan “the biggest bitch in the house.”  Couldn’t agree more.

As for Helen, she is just way more sympathetic than anyone else in the house and she ended up getting a huge brunt of the shit pie that Jeremy and Aryan cooked up, and damn, I hope there’s some revenge in the future for Helen.

A Bottle of Wine?

Before the vote, we all got to see what it looks like when a spoiled brat gets a giant idiot to do her bidding.  Aryan wanted to drink a bottle of wine that the house had agreed to wait on drinking until the Have-Nots could also partake in.  (Side Note: I never realized there was a countdown to a period when the Have-Nots could suddenly “have” again.  Wouldn’t they have to wait until the next Have-Not competition?  Guess not.)  Jeremy went and got the bottle and brought it back to where the brat and others were sulking.  Then they laughed about it and regaled each other with how awesome the other was (think of that scene in Mean Girls when Janis Ian lays into Cady near the end).

Once it was midnight (aka Wine O’Clock for the formerly Have-Nots), the theft of the wine was readily apparent.  Obviously the Mean Girls weren’t about to fess up but they clearly saw that the Have-Nots weren’t idiots and knew someone had taken it.  Aryan was indignant about the fact that these people would have the gall to even look at her with a side-eye.  So she stoked the fires and got Jeremy to …I don’t even know what you’d call what he did, as it made no sense.  He claims to have drank all the wine and then gets all in everyone’s face that they need to deal with it and they can take it up with him.  Wha’?  Amanda then went back out and threw it back in Jeremy’s face, and the whole time I couldn’t believe the cowardice of Aryan and the others who were part of it.  And Aryan had the nerve to then be glad that Jeremy showed the house what was what.  NO HE DIDN’T.  He took heat for something that wasn’t even true.

So yeah, I despise half of this house.

I’d have added more pics into this rundown but CBS for some reason hasn’t posted any pics from Episode 4.  I REALLY wanted a pic of Aryan’s face after David’s eviction.

HoH Competition:

It involved a team effort in which teams of two schlep BBQ sauce from one end to the other, hoping to fill their container the fastest so they can get their ball out first.  An option was given to fill a smaller container first which would give you access to bigger schleppers.  The audio cut out on me though so I don’t know how it’s resolved as to who actually wins the HoH title though within the team of two.  Guess we’ll see tonight as the competition’s conclusion will be aired tonight.

In Conclusion

Frankly, there are so many nasty people in this house that if one of them wins HoH and another of them gets the MVP, I may be out.  I miss people that you enjoyed rooting against, in that you didn’t want them to win but it wasn’t an absolute loathing.  I absolutely loathe nearly half of these people.  I want CBS to kick them out.  I want Jenny’s idea about letting America vote for the Have-Nots to be a real thing.  I want CBS to show the truth about these people’s statements and actions.  As it is, it’s just nauseating and we still get an edit of Aryan that portrays her as a gorgeous scheming vixen, when the reality is she’s a beautiful racist bitch.  Sorry for saying that, but some words just fit like a glove.

Thinking about last season, I miss conniving but still likable people, like Boogie or Dan.  Hell, I miss Rachel.  Her sister is a pale substitute and though I’m happy she got to stay, it wasn’t really that Elissa was a great competitor.  Just that someone in the asshole assembly got sent out instead.  But where is the surprise star in this group?  Where’s the Britney?  I hope Amanda can be that role, but now that she’s made it clear to Jeremy and that group that she isn’t afraid of them, she’s likely a first target.  The Moving Company has some decent folks in it, but I don’t see it lasting very long now that Jeremy has made a move in contradiction to what they had planned to do.  I’m sure he’ll try to weasel his way out of it and claim he voted for David, and likely, they’ll believe him. Ugh.   I think it’s time to go watch more House of Cards or go sit outside in the sun.

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