Big Brother 15: Plenty of Stupid to Go Around

Episode 3 – July 2, 2013

The pre-Veto nominees, Jessie, David and Candice

Man oh man, this group of contestants is ridiculously stupid.  Stupid stupid stupid.  They’re stupid not just in gameplay, but also in personal attributes.  Now, I had this impression from just watching the show last night, but I’ve had the displeasure of also reading about the “true” things going on in the show from the live feeds, and I’m nauseous. I’m also quite a bit disappointed in my girls Amanda and Kaitlin because of it, while reinforced in my dislike of Aaryn (ugh) and Jeremy (super-ugh).  VERY disappointed in finding out about GinaMarie, but probably shouldn’t be surprised.  Here’s a link from the site Reality Blurred with the details, if you’re so inclined:

It’s a bit difficult to write about this show without being biased due to the article, but I will continue on for now.  If CBS was ballsy, they’d air some of this stuff.  Maybe they will as this news is getting a lot of attention.

The MVP and his or her Nomination

MVP: Elissa

I guess I was surprised that Elissa actually received this vote, but if you consider that all the public had to go on was what they saw on the website, an easy thing to vote on would be that she’s sisters with Rachel.  It could also have gone the other way too, as there are plenty of Rachel-haters out there too.

Anyway, let’s get the discussion started about “stupid.”  Elissa has no clue how to play this game.  Rachel did.  I believe that Elissa’s huge misstep was to pretend and ignore she was Rachel’s sister.  She should have brought it up and laughed it off.  She didn’t.  Elissa then brought it up in front of not just McCrae but others in the HoH Room, confusing the hell out of me.  I was relieved because it seemed she had revealed it, just not on the show.  Nope, she makes a crack about her famous sister… being Gisele, confusing and infuriating Jeremy even more.  Not that I care if Jeremy is mad, but Elissa should.  She then claims she never said that, further pissing Jeremy off.

David – the 3rd nominee

If all that isn’t bad enough, everyone correctly assumes that Elissa will get the MVP role due to her Rachel ties.  She then consults with McCrae on who he wants out (David) and then he tells her that regardless of what she does, when the Veto is played, he’s putting her up.  And all she does is whine about it.  Here’s a chance to just get things straight with the house and reveal your relationship, hopefully smooth it out, and let people get over it (hello, Aaryn and Jeremy).  But no, she trusts McCrae and of course, later on, he does exactly what he promised to do earlier.  Good riddance if she gets voted out, but seriously, I could lose at least half of the houseguests in there now and I’d be fine with it.

Why, Kaitlin, Why?

I hate you

If you read the article linked above, you can only imagine where this picture is in the timeline of events Jeremy talks about.  UGH.  You seemed to have better judgment but I’m hoping it’s all for game.  Because seriously, have you listened to a word Jeremy says?  HE’S A FUCKING DOUCHENOZZLE MUTHAFUCKA.  Plus, I thought girls had a problem with being called a bitch. Maybe not?

You’re on probationary status for now, Kaitlin, in terms of whether or not you remain one of My Girls.  As it is, I’m thinking of including Helen as she at least seems sympathetic and one of the few nice people in the house.  I laugh, because watch, I’ll be typing about how horrible a person Helen is a few days from now for something awful we all learn about.


bb15_ep3_vetocompOH FOR FUCKS SAKE.  McCrae fucking threw this Power of VETO competition, or so he thought, by submitting an 8-letter word. The mental fucking giants of this competition proved he wayyyyy overestimated his opponents.  What other words were there this time?  Let’s see – we had David’s ZERO-LETTER submission, Candice’s 5-letter RAFTS, Howard and Jessie tying at 7 letters, and Elissa with the win having the 9-letter POTROASTS…..I shivered thinking CBS would allow it, but since they do have seemingly an iota of shame, they didn’t, as that is in fact TWO WORDS.

Do I want Elissa to stay?  Actually, yes.  She’s not completely awful in my mind but she is just terrible at this game.  Just effing terrible.

Power of Veto Time

POV: McCrae

McCrae won the Power of Veto and as HoH, he now has the tricky decision of backdooring Elissa (his words, not mine….actually, I think Elissa said that, so here’s where I can say, “that’s what she said”) or leaving his nominations the same.  Elissa appeals to McCrae’s original deal with her but since I’ve already spoiled this decision up above, he obviously isn’t interested in that and wants to keep the house happy.  Nick also makes a Moving Company appeal to use this as an opportunity to get rid of David, which I am totally okay with.  It makes much more strategic sense, although I can also see that as a bold declaration that the game is being played.

Our Final Nominees Are:


A whole lot of brainpower up for eviction, right?  To be fair, Jessie may not be that stupid, but she has plenty of arrogance to go around.  Elissa has plenty of bad gameplay justifying her place at the nomination couch, but part of me still wants her to stay.  Cryptically, McCrae also revealed to us that Elissa is certainly not the actual target for eviction this week, but we’ll have to see tonight’s first live episode in order to determine if that’s the actual truth.  Finally, Mr. David, if you end up going home, you should thank McCrae and the Moving Company.  Why?  Your showmance with Aaryn is all sorts of fucked up.  That bitch (Jeremy’s word, not mine) be cray cray.  Also, you need to get a fucking job.  That whole conversation you and Aryan (fuck it, that’s how I’m spelling it now since it’s been made clear she’s a racist, homophobic motherfucker) had about career and ambition made me throw up in my mouth.

In the next episode?  Live eviction and the HoH competition.

4 thoughts on “Big Brother 15: Plenty of Stupid to Go Around”

  1. Tony and I missed the first episode, but we managed to catch the second. It’s funny, as we were watching, I was immediately like “I hate all of these people”. McCrae and Helen are the only two that I can remotely stand. And when Elissa came on screen, Tony groaned and was like “Oh man, she reminds me of that super annoying chick from the other season” and right after that, she said that she was Rachel’s sister, and he just put his hands over his eyes and shook his head while I cracked up. I watched the veto episode today and just couldn’t believe the stupidity.

    I had no idea about the controversy that was being edited out…if CBS really wanted to pull their asses out of the fire, they would not only stop editing out these peoples’ true colors, but the could also do something like stop making the Have/Have Nots be a competition and let America vote for the Have/Have Nots week after week. It would be fun to directly punish these idiots by making them spend a few weeks sleeping on an airline chair and eat nothing but slop and liver. (“Waaaaah, why does America hate me?!” …because you’re a racist homophobe. Enjoy your slop.)

    I’m glad that you’re doing episode write-ups! Tony isn’t as into BB now as he was with previous seasons, and I need someone to gossip with about what idiots these people are! (lol potroasts)

    1. YAY!!! The one who started all this nonsense is reading my nonsense!!!! I’m with you on Helen and McCrae – these other bastards can go sit and spin. Aryan is a piece of trash and I want to angrily punch things when I see her. So glad you’re watching. Hopefully it doesn’t make you go into labor. 🙂

      1. Hahaha, I can see it now – I’ll be in the hospital in labor some night in the near future and in between pushing, I’ll be like “someone turn on the TV, Big Brother is on”.

        Little miss Aryan Nation annoyed me before I even read her crap comments in that other article – everything about her comes off as completely fake. I wasn’t too surprised to read that she’s so ugly on the inside. And she wears WAY too much makeup. (seriously, this is Big Brother, not Toddlers and Tiaras…stop caking it on so thick, lady!)

    2. Oh, and forgot to mention I TOTALLY love the idea of America deciding the Have-Nots. That would be epic.

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