BB20 – Eps 7 & 8 – July 11 & 12, 2018

Okay, not my greatest headline, but I’m unfortunately having to rush through this post – not even any screenshots!!!  My real life has been busy and I won’t be missing out on those moments, so my BB hobby has to sometimes be paused.

Status & Standings:

Outgoing Head of Household:  Kaitlyn
Nominated for Eviction:  Winston & Scottie
Power of Veto Winner:  Tyler
Veto Used?  Oh, Yes
Replacement Nominee:  Swaggy
Evicted Houseguest:  Swaggy (8-4, with only Bayleigh, Faysal, Haleigh and Rockstar voting to keep Swaggy)
New Head of Household:  Scottie (!!!)

Color me surprised that Tyler’s ultimate scheme worked out for him.   Despite Kaitlyn seeming close to not being up for backdooring Swaggy, she did, once Tyler won the Veto (it was a cute Veto challenge about online houseguest dating and poor Jodie will always be the butt of BB jokes) and used it to save Scottie.  Up went Swaggy, and despite apparently his best efforts to get the votes needed to stay, not only was he evicted, but he lost out on all the swing votes, including Scottie.  Interesting turn of events, to be sure, and then Scottie goes and wins HoH!   I’m very intrigued how this week could go, as Scottie is a major floater and I don’t think is true to either side of the house.  Tyler lucked out in saving him in the Veto, so maybe Tyler can feel safe, but I don’t think Kaitlyn can.  Will be interesting to see who he nominates in tonight’s episode!

Oh – I’ve been watching the latest “after-series” for Big Brother, happily hosted by someone other than Jeff Schroeder!   It’s Celebrity Big Brother’s Final 2, Ross & Marissa!! SO GREAT!  Must watch.  Here’s the latest episode with Swaggy fresh off his eviction.

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