Big Brother 14 – Ep 21

HOLY CRAP!  I just got served a heaping plateful of “oh SNAP!”  I was reading, with amusement, my predictions on Facebook about Dan’s fate.  Put a fork in him.  Dead man walking….HOLEEEEE SHIT.  WRRRRROOOOONNNGGGGG!   If you didn’t catch last night’s episode, you may have missed one of the premiere coups to have ever taken place, without even utilizing a special power.  It remains to be seen if the entire plan goes off without a hitch – we’ll find that out in about an hour and a half (well, that’s when I will find out – East Coast knows already).  Alright….let’s get the details of the episode out of the way as there’s PLENTY to delve into.

Head of Household: Frank
Nominated for Eviction: Dan & Danielle
Power of Veto Winner:  Jenn
Second Veto Holder: Ian
Second Veto Used? No
(Regular) Veto Used?  Yes, on Dan
Replacement Nominee: Britney (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

Episode 21 – August 29, 2012

We’re going to have to take this chronologically, as PLENTY happened.  We first have the house in the situation before the “Funeral”.  The goal is for a member of the Quack Pack, preferably Britney or Shane, win the Veto and take down Dan or Danielle.  Ian would then use his veto on the other, preserving the integrity of the Quack Pack and basically saying Eff You to Frank.  Even Jenn had a part in this early strategy, buddying up to Frank as she realized she’s alone just like he is, and since he’s such a strong competitor, why not?  Great plan, right?  It’s not like Joe or Jenn would win the veto anyway, so the Quack Pack was set.

(needle scratch on the record player….) Then the Veto competition happened.  Frank was well on his way to winning the Draw Something (such blatant product placement!) themed competition when all at the very end, Britney rang in but didn’t know the answer.  In this picture, you can see Frank desperately trying to save what he thought was his alliance with Britney and whispered the answer to her.  EEEENNNNNGGGGGHHHH!  Ian, the host, had to disqualify him, and suddenly Dan was in the lead.  But then, THEN, on the last question worth 11 points, Jenn gets the answer right and WINS VETO.  Suddenly there’s this new houseguest in the game and she is winning competitions!  Dan is defeated, and it’s clear to all around him.

Even worse, in order to win the round he did get right in the comp, Dan had to agree to an immediate 24-hour stint in Solitary.  So off he goes immediately to sulk for 24 hours….or does he?  Meanwhile, the rest of the house also had some prices to pay for their veto points, such as:

– Frank:  A guacamole bath, a carrot suit to be worn for a week, a chum shower hourly for 24 hours, and sacrificing a chance to compete in the next HoH comp
– Jenn:  Burn her clothes, and only slop for the rest of her time in the house
– Danielle: Have paint thrown on her for 2 minutes
– Britney: Shackled to another person of her choice for 24 hours (Flashback alert to 2 seasons ago with her & Brendon!)

We were treated to those visuals while thinking, well, Dan is about to go home.  He’s certainly a danger and even when he enters the storage unit and once in the DR, he’s even CRYING.  Holy shit, he really has thrown in the towel.  But then.  Then. The power of Electronic Dance Music filled his soul.  It’s a beautiful thing, and can inspire you to amazing feats of bravery in a reality show.  And he was totally filled with that inspiration, as what happened next was UNREAL.  Yes, all these caps are me talking in my Joe voice.  JOE!

Dan emerges from Solitary after the 24 hours, and he’s acting strange, almost like a zombie.  He then calls a House Meeting, and it turns out that he wants to alert everyone that this is Dan’s Big Brother Funeral.  He works his way through the houseguests, thanking and complimenting them all in nice, personalized ways.   All through tears, of course.  He saves Danielle for last, and she’s already sobbing as is everyone else since most are thinking this is Dan honorably exiting the game. Awww….. (record scratch once more!)  “Danielle, you know what you did and I’m never going to forgive you – you’re dead to me in this game.”  Uh, what?  She immediately freaks out while everyone else is stunned.  What the hell is Dan talking about?  The meeting is abruptly ended and everyone is pissed at Dan.

Dan had also asked Frank during the Funeral if he could have a moment to share a page from the bible with him in private.  And so off he went to Frank and revealed his true intentions.  He told Frank EVERYTHING about how the Quack Pack came to be, the true goals of the Veto comp to save Dan and Danielle, and especially and happily rejoices in telling Frank that it was all Ian and Britney’s doing.  OOOF.  Frank laps it up and suddenly the months of animosity towards Dan? Forgotten.  They even make a Final 2 deal.  HOLY SHIT.  Frank is on board, and pledges to get Jenn to use her Veto on Dan since Frank & Jenn are buds.  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?  Dan then has a word with Danielle and reveals what’s really going on – and after her frustration and emotions play out, she is also on board to target Britney.

Le sigh.  BRITNEY.  Why?  Well, not that it’s a bad move, but still.  That’s my girl you’re talking about.  But a new alliance has risen from the ashes of Dan’s Funeral – Frank, Jenn, Dan & Danielle.  Target #1: Britney.  Everything happens exactly as Dan & Frank hoped it would, as Ian doesn’t use his Veto and Jenn does.  That’s exactly the moment when Ian’s eyes bug out and Britney starts looking uncomfortable.  Then Frank’s speech comes and bam! Britney’s on the block against Danielle.  Now, it’s not a foregone conclusion that Britney is out.  I was calculating the votes out there:  Danielle, Britney, and Frank can’t vote.  That leaves Jenn, Shane, Dan, Ian & Joe.  If the new alliance holds, then obviously Jenn and Dan vote against Britney, while Shane and Ian most likely vote against Danielle.  That leaves Joe – he’s the swing vote here.  I don’t know what he’ll do.  Frank & Joe do not have much love between them so I can’t see if he’ll be on board with Frank’s plan.  Guess we’ll see.  What an episode, and can’t wait for tonight!


HG Comments
Britney – Le sigh.  I hope you can swing a vote….but damn, Dan got you good.  You never saw that coming.  That’s a hell of a blindside and you probably should have been Ms. Paranoia 2012 when Dan pulled that Funeral stunt off….
Dan – UNREAL.  I was soo soo wrong about your fate.  Just like Boogie’s hail mary against Janelle a few weeks ago, you took it to the next level against Britney.  Wow.  Honestly, if you make it to the end, it’s not even a question that you will win.  Unless there’s a lot of bitterness….
Danielle – So much for being BFFs with Britney – but it was clear your alliance was way more with Dan than with Brit.  Definitely felt bad for you when Dan pulled his stunt, but to your credit, you quickly recovered.  I wonder if you know you’re just a puppet here though.
Frank – Man….talk about a flip flop.  Dan’s #1 fan!  Big moves…big moves.  If you end up at the Final 2 with Dan, you too are a definite contender for the win…YET, Dan is the smoothest talker ever.  If you’re smart, you take Dan out ASAP.  It has been a coach out every other week….I foresee Ian next, then Dan.  Let’s see if I can get ONE prediction right.
Ian – You just went from a Power Player to being powerfully played.  I think you should have known better about Dan’s schemes.  Did you all really think he would give up like that? OOOOF.
Jenn – Well, color me surprised.  Not only do you reach out to Frank for an alliance, it immediately comes into play as the house gets turned upside down, thanks to your Veto win.  Don’t worry though – Dan will try to discard you soon enough.
Joe – Save my Brit, Swing Vote.
Shane – Uh oh.  Your biggest defender and ally is on the block, and more than likely she’ll get evicted.  You must realize that you have to do something to save your ass, but unless you win the next HoH….well, you’re screwed.
Ashley – Evicted 6th, 8th out of the House.  1st Jury member.
Mike Boogie – Evicted 5th, 7th out of the House.
Wil – Evicted 4th, 6th out of the House.
Janelle – Evicted 3rd, 5th out of the House.
JoJo – Evicted 2nd, 4th out of the House.
Willie – Eliminated. Effectively 3rd out of the House.
Kara – 1st Houseguest Evicted, 2nd out of the House
Jodi – Not really Evicted – but 1st out of the House

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