Raining Like a Mofo

It’s been raining a LOT here in Los Angeles the past few weeks – much much much more so than it did during last year’s promising-but-ultimately-disappointing El Nino that didn’t provide us in SoCal any of the promised precipitation.  But this winter, the rain has been coming steadily and it’s kind of awesome.  We need it desperately and then what is good is that we’ll get a day or two to let it drain away and get the rain to soak in a little, and then rain will come back.   Anyway, it’s been a good thing to get in our region, and while a lot of northern California is getting a huge hit in their drought levels, I think SoCal, while doing better, would need a helluva lot more rain than what we’ve been getting.  But it’s better than nothing, that’s for damn sure.

The picture above is the extent of my exposure to the rain today.   Well, that’s almost accurate.  I did go out on to our balcony and started tossing buckets of soapy water against one of our outer windows that has had a nasty nasty screen for over a year, due to the construction that had been going on next door back in 2015.  I figured with all the rain coming down, no one would notice a crazy person tossing the water the way he was and even if they did, so what?  The rain was going to wash away any of the evidence.  I’m so glad I did this though as I’ll no longer get aggravated opening the blinds in the breakfast nook area and see the filthy screen.  The window will actually be able to be seen through!  Hallelujah.

Yesterday was a reassuring day – Larry & I didn’t go to any of the marches, but I’m encouraged by all those that did.  Especially with the reactions it is getting from those in office.  Love it.  I’ll be happily donating money to all sorts of causes in the next few years, and proud to do so.  We all do our part in various ways, and I happen to know money goes a long long way, and plays a part, just as does the visible and public acts do.  Here we go.

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