Happy Birthday, Madonna!

I had to add my own two cents to the Internet chorus of well wishers to the one-and-only Madonna.  She amazingly is turning 54 today, while doing her best to still act like someone in their 20s.  Ah, I kid.  I’m impressed as all hell that she is doing what she is, including touring and releasing fun albums.  Larry & I have our tickets to the MDNA tour in October and I can NOT wait.

In honor of her birthday – here’s a video from…ugh….12 years ago.   Wow.


AfterElton’s Louis Virtel (love him and his humor, btw – his weekly video feature called Weeklings on the site is hilarious) also listed the 54 best things about Madonna.  Couldn’t disagree with much if any of his choices.


Aw, hell, why not another video or so?

Bedtime Story

– this creepy-ass video is hypnotic and mysterious and I LOVE IT.

 Give it 2 Me

– I freakin’ love this song from her Hard Candy album.  It was a definite highlight in the Sticky & Sweet tour as well.  Poppy disco funk and an unstoppable dance beat.

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