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Big Brother 14 – Ep 15

Someone’s doing their best Mckayla Maroney impression….

All hail the return of the Zingbot 3000!  Oh boy was that a good session.  The regular cheesy barbs were thrown out there, including some against Frank for his hair, Boogie for his age, Britney and the Brigade….but DAMN.  Zingbot saved the best for last…by FAR.  Just look at that picture of Danielle.  Girl is MAD…..  Love love love Britney’s face as it really captures exactly how everyone in the room was reacting to this gem:

Danielle…the only gift Shane is going to give you after leaving the Big Brother House….is a restraining order

Double damn….Ms Fatal Attraction just got pwnd by a fake robot.  Her face in the picture says it all.  She’s embarrassed because it suddenly became true for her.  Especially with everybody laughing.  I think Zingbot just saved Shane a lot of trouble as he already was trying to deal with just how the hell he could deal with BunnyBoiler.  By far the best moment of the show last night….especially considering the c*cktease the rest of the episode was.  Anyway, here’s the deets for the episode:

Head of Household: Frank
Nominated for Eviction:  Wil & Joe
Power of Veto Winner:  Frank
Veto Used? Nope

Episode 15 – August 16, 2012

This post is probably not going to be anywhere near being my longest, as frankly, there are two major things to talk about:  The Veto Comp and The (non)BackDooring of Dan.

Concerning the Veto Comp – it followed up with the theme of the Zingbot, this time it being about building Baby Zingbot.  I really liked the challenge as building pathways via tubes is just such a geeky and fun thing to do; but, under stressful time constraints and a lot on the line, suddenly a fun little activity becomes awful.  Evidenced by how most of the players did in this challenge, it was far from easy.  Frank pulled off the win, having received coaching from Boogie and Ian.  Shane was getting help from Britney as well, while everyone else was basically on their own.  That didn’t please Wil in the slightest.  It probably didn’t affect Ashley at all as she was still trying to recover from her back spasms and heavily medicated (presumably).

Regardless, Frank helped create Baby Zingbot (Zing, Zing!!!!) which was suitably adorable.  Frank now also had to decide what to do with this Veto power.  This leads us to the other major thing to talk about….

..that thing being the complete non-issue of taking out Dan.  You see, I know and fully recognize that CBS/Big Brother has to fill the episode with something.  With Willie long gone and the Janelle plotline over, what the hell else can you talk about?  But the show spent a shit load of time on the idea of Dan getting backdoored that it became quite clear that it was never going to happen.  CBS (hell, all the networks, really) can’t help but over-do it when it comes time to hint at things to come.  Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother – these shows are mostly terrible when it comes to trying to surprise you.  As soon as you see that some particular plot point has been harped on for say…two segments…you can take it to the bank that the opposite (and obvious) thing is really going to happen.  Case in point?  I believe there were 3 segments in this episode with discussion about Dan getting backdoored (heh).  I wanted to believe that Frank would do it, as it would make for good television and frankly, it makes sense (even Dan admitted that it would make sense).  Alas, it was all much ado about nothing.  Whether it was Boogie’s counseling, Ian‘s scrambling (in order to save the Quack Pack – LOVED Britney’s shame in saying that term in the DR)….who cares?  It was never going to happen.  Frank himself said, with confidence, that it was way too soon to make huge waves like that.  Oh well.

So it’s either Joe or Wil tonight.  Most likely, they’re going to vote out Wil.  He is a sneaky bastard and a very big threat (although while he has a good body, I’m not sure he’s proven himself to be a challenge threat), but I love his sarcasm and complete ability to see through bullshit (although I maintain he still made a mistake turning on Janelle – his immediate eviction being Exhibit A).  Joe’s just too much of a non-threat to get rid of at this point.  Wil’s attitude sealed his own fate as well.


HG Comments
Ashley – I am not sure how Ashley’s drug-haze is going to effect her game.  She did get it together enough, surprisingly, to sell her & Wil’s idea of taking out Dan to Frank.  He didn’t bite though.  She’s also physically weak and couldn’t really help Wil at the Veto Comp.  This weakness is great for her game, but terrible for her allies.
Britney – Never stop being your sarcastic, bitchy self.  And what was up with your hair?  Both Tricia and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  Is that its natural state, or did you make it get all non-straight? Gameplay-wise, you know you can’t trust Boogie or Frank…so what are you going to do about it?
Dan – You did indeed dodge a bullet.  Whether that bullet was truly loaded in the chamber or just kind of tossed at you is really only known by livefeed viewers.  Like Boogie, if you make it to the end, more power to you.  It would really make the newbies look like idiots if either you or Boogie make it that far.
Danielle – Hahahahahahahahahaaha!  YOU DONE GOT CALLED OUT, GIRL!  By a Zingbot no less.
Frank – As I ranted about above, I was hoping you would buck the CBS trend of overselling something and actually backdoor Dan.  Not doing so could prove to be your undoing.  We’ll see, I guess.
Ian – Way to hustle to save the Quack Pack alliance.  You definitely need to work on your “tells” though – the constant running your hands through your hair and on your face are not subtle.  At all.
Jenn – Loved how you encouraged Ashley & Wil to go do something in the game.  While you did not.  You seriously are working the hell out of that “under the radar” gameplay style.  But even Sandra in Survivor was entertaining while doing so.
Joe – I hate your hair.  Maybe I’m jealous, but still, a grown-ass man shouldn’t be wearing a fauxhawk.  It just looks sad.  Looks like, through little effort on your own part, you’re going to be sticking around.  Hope you thank Wil – although likely, your parting message will be shouting and misplaced bravado.
Mike Boogie – Counseled Frank to keep his cool concerning Dan.  Well done.  Good for you, bad for the viewer who wants to see dramatic things happening.  I hate it when you get to sit by the pool in Chilltown.  I really do.
Shane – I believe you owe the Zingbot 3000 a lot.  No doubt you were never going to continue with Danielle after the game, but you were clearly unwilling and unable (although it makes sense not to piss her off in the game) to do anything about it now.  It could be that it ends up backfiring though, if she suddenly is embarrassed and decides you are a target.
Wil – Happy to see that you saw through Boogie’s bullshit “you’re totally not the target” spiel, even though he was so proud of himself for pulling the wool over your eyes.  I even liked that you took it to Frank to make a huge move.  Alas, it wasn’t enough.  And because of your own behavior, you’re likely going home.  I’m bummed for you.
Janelle – Evicted 3rd, 5th out of the House.
JoJo – Evicted 2nd, 4th out of the House.
Willie – Eliminated. Effectively 3rd out of the House.
Kara – 1st Houseguest Evicted, 2nd out of the House
Jodi – Not really Evicted – but 1st out of the House

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