Big Brother 14 – Ep 13

Frank had plenty of reasons to celebrate on Thursday night, didn’t he?  First, he & Boogie had managed to completely take over Danielle’s HoH and make it their own, as Boogie plainly and accurately said in the DR.  Second, just the fact that Boogie picked him in the first place has proven to be quite the asset.  I’m fairly certain Frank would have been a decent threat and competitor, but Boogie’s knowledge of how to really change things up has been the key factor in why Frank is still around, even after three times on the block, which has equated to whenever Frank isn’t HoH.  Finally, well, last night was a bit of a bummer, to be honest.  Even with my big words in my Ep 12 post about not caring who was going home, I admit, I care.  So with Frank not only avoiding eviction and also winning HoH, well, Frank is killing it this season.

Outgoing Head of Household:  Danielle
Nominated for Eviction: Frank & Janelle
Evicted: Janelle (8-1)
New Head of Household: Frank (2nd time!)

 Episode 13 – August 9, 2012

Alas, Janelle is gone.  The Queen is dead, long live the Queen!  It’s clear from Janelle’s reaction when leaving the house that she was ready and expecting this turn of events.  My hope from Ep 12 after her backdoor nomination was that she would be able to sway minds.  She was successful at it, at least somewhat.  From what we saw with Britney, there were definite doubts being raised.  Why, indeed, were they not targeting Frank anymore?  Sure, Janelle is a threat, but Frank really really really is a threat.  But the mob had spoken and Danielle was not swayed by any appeals from Janelle.  It is staggering how easily Boogie was able to manipulate this group, create a pseudo-alliance (the Silent 6), and completely hijack the original intention and get rid of his primary enemy, Janelle.  Staggering.  I guess it didn’t help that her own former team (besides Joe) was ready to toss her out too, although I bet that comes down to a two reasons – 1) Wil had no love for Janelle after their little drama last week, and 2) Once it was clear Janelle was leaving, they didn’t want to become easy targets having voted the other way against Frank.  Option 2 definitely sunk Shane and Britney’s game a few weeks ago when Frank was hellbent on revenge against them for voting against him.

I will definitely miss Janelle, yet she never found an alliance here like she did in her previous two seasons.  I think Janelle’s biggest blunder – mind you, I KNOW this is 20/20 hindsight speaking – was throwing Britney and Shane under the bus when Willie had his meltdown.  Once Britney realized that Janelle was willing to cut ties with their initial alliance at the first sign of trouble, Britney enacted ParanoidCon Level 1 on Janelle.  As the game’s twists unfolded, Shane & Britney managed to hold on for dear life and survive in the game.  Wil flipped out on her.  Ashley & Joe were kinda useless.  Then the coaches twist was dropped.  Janelle had nowhere to go.  Le sad.

This writeup is NOT going to be all about my sadness re: Janelle.  I promise.  Other things happened during the show.  We found out Ian and Ashley come from within 30 minutes of each other in Pittsburgh.  Fascinating.  Full disclosure:  I HATE these lame-ass family/friends segments.  I understand Thursday’s live show needs some filler, but really?

Oh wait, I am NOT done with Janelle – I loved her chat with the Chenbot after her eviction.  She was so funny and plain-spoken.  Especially loved her final snipe at Boogie after we watched his parting message to her….”Boogie’s such a loser.  What a douchebag!”  Priceless.  Loved that she got censored for douchebag too.  Who knew?  I agree with her assessment about Boogie’s chances for winning too – there’s no way in hell he can win.  Even if Boogie & Dan end up at the final two….people will rather give it to Dan.

Alright – HoH Competition time.  The challenge in which two people go head-to-head on a quick response trivia question.  Whoever loses their match is eliminated; whoever wins gets to choose the next pairing.  Some strategy can be involved here, especially if you want to target a certain group of houseguests.  If you pit them against each other, that guarantees one goes home.  So why, Why, WHY did no one target Frank and Boogie immediately?  I was shocked that there were 7 rounds before that happened.  Frank didn’t even get selected until  then.  HOW IS THAT HAPPENING?  How is Frank not a target anymore?  Because seriously, there’s only two of them.  You keep pairing them up against people, odds are that they’ll get wiped out.  It’s shocking that Frank was allowed anywhere near the final round.  Britney was probably the best person to have go against him, yet still.  HOW IS THAT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?

Guess what, folks…..Frank and Boogie are not going to make this an easy week for anyone.    I’ll be flabbergasted if the Silent 6 somehow is honored.  Maybe, just maybe, Boogie will keep his word, but c’mon.  They both hated Danielle and neither find Dan particularly trustworthy.  Of course you’ll say anything and agree to anything to save your ass – as Boogie wisely stated, “You can bounce a check in the Big Brother house.”  I expect there will be some check-bouncing on Sunday.  My guess?  Dan & Danielle should be worried.  Other possibilities?  Joe, and maybe Shane.  I think they’re going to target high threats while also satisfying grievances.  Shane, because of the intended betrayal.  Dan, because he’s Dan.  Danielle, the same reason as Dan.  Joe, because he voted against Frank.  I would be surprised if they pursue a Rachel-like strategy of eliminating “floaters” but maybe they want a nice, non-controversial week.  This is Boogie though….

So congratulations, Frank.  You’re definitely earning your stay in the Big Brother house.  I eagerly await to see which fight you and Boogie decide to pick, or if you figure it is wiser to keep calm and carry on, as you do realize that you’re only two players and there are 9 left.


HG Comments
Ashley – So your mom says you’re not as ditzy as you appear…I await actual proof of this.  You’re still such a nice person that I’m not really too hostile towards you.  I actually think you’ll go quite far.  And I think you and Ian make a cute couple.
Britney – What happened to the Britney that is appalled at people who cry on TV?  Your EW post-season interview is legendary.  This house is doing a number on your nerves.  I was pulling for you to win HoH, but alas, Frank got you.  I think you’re safe this week, but you know what, who the hell knows?
Dan – You’re such a terrible liar.  Ugh.  Not your biggest fan at this moment.
Danielle – I think you and Dan made a terrible mistake believing in Boogie.  Sure, you got Janelle out and now there’s no longer those girly, bad feelings around.  But you guys made a deal with the devil!
Frank – You are the one to beat in this game.  Your’s and Boogie’s charm and strategy offensives are masterful.  The others deserve to lose if they continually lose sight of what a threat you are.  Brilliant game, and frankly, you should win.
Ian – I’m glad, for you, that the Baby Bondage thing was just for one day.  Keep working Ashley – you guys are a cute couple.
Jenn – You went back to being a non-entity.  The Producers HAVE to be kicking themselves and asking what the hell they were thinking when they cast you.  You’re a terrible reality show contestant. You’re a punk rock lesbian, for cryin’ out loud!
Joe – You too, buddy.  I’m almost missing your UNREASONABLY LOUD INDOOR VOICE IN THE DIARY ROOM!
Mike Boogie – Wow.  You beat Janelle.  She’s definitely got your number though.  There’s no way you win this game.
Shane – Do NOT tell me that you’re turning into Jenn.  All you are now is Britney’s sounding board.  My only way to accept this is if you’re only wearing a speedo while she’s sounding off your board. Heh heh.
Wil – I don’t think you had to think twice about voting Janelle out.  Loved how you could lie right to her face though.  You’re dangerous, still, yet still not on too many people’s radars.  I’m gonna keep my eyes on you, Blondie.
Janelle – Evicted….FIFTH out of the house.  What kind of a world is this?  The writing was on the wall, but still.  You got outplayed by Boogie.  That definitely has to sting, but you have such self-confidence, I’m sure you’ve already moved on.  You freakin’ rock.
JoJo – Evicted 2nd, 4th out of the House.
Willie – Eliminated. Effectively 3rd out of the House.
Kara – 1st Houseguest Evicted, 2nd out of the House
Jodi – Not really Evicted – but 1st out of the House

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