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Gotta admit, I’m excited for Solo

The initial idea of this movie seemed like a giant ‘WHY?’ but now that we’ve started seeing trailers for it, especially the recent ones, I am super pumped to see this next Star Wars Story movie!  I will keep the excitement in check though, as the memories of Rogue One‘s betrayal (having scenes in the trailer that were NOT in the movie) are still with me.  But yeah, these recent trailers are all gold, and I am pretty happy to see that Alden Ehrenreich looks to be a fine Han Solo.  He better be, after playing Hobie Doyle in Hail, Caesar!

I’m loving Chewie in these spots…so excited to see more.   “I’ve got a really good feeling about this” is a classic line already, as is the possibility that we’ll see how and why Chewie has a life debt to Han.

I am finding that I really love these :45 spots the most – Lucasfilm did these for The Last Jedi and are doing them again for Solo and it’s a wonderful length for a spot without overstaying its welcome.  And they keep finding new footage to show off!

Chewie grimacing at Han’s cards is fucking fantastic.

I did love the Super Bowl spots too, especially with the look at what might be the Kessel Run!

Fingers crossed!

My One Favorite YouTube Personality

There’s soooo many people who actually can make money and a career out of making videos on YouTube and it kind of blows my mind at times.  Mostly I’m jealous of how comfortable they are on camera and on what they bring to the table in terms of ideas and thoughts; but that’s of course if I actually like what they have to say.  I think I’m a generation away from the ones that go to YouTube (etc) as their prime entertainment feed.   ANYWAY, old person shouting at clouds rant is ending now, as I just wanted to post about Jenny Nicholson.

think I first saw a video of hers when for some reason I was looking up stuff about the movie Tomorrowland.   I had written a post about how much I actually didn’t hate the movie despite many of the reviews coming out that basically were like, MEH.  Well, Jenny Nicholson was no fan of the movie and she indicated exactly why, and I was blown away by how funny and precise she was in her criticisms.

She can make long-ish videos, but they are entertaining.  As I found out, she is very much into the geekier side of entertainment, meaning she likes things such as Star WarsWestworld, superhero movies… you know, basically stuff that I like too.

What I find particularly great is that she is really funny and clever yet doesn’t go overboard with production values (not shade, I promise), so the humor and commentary shine through.  I’ve especially liked her recent videos on Star Wars, and there are a lot.  I’ll just link to a couple of the most recent as I completely agree with her on The Last Jedi:

As you can see, she does have a need to collect toys, like that GIANT Porg.   Am I jealous?  Maybe.

I can’t say I loved Rogue One.  I enjoyed it a lot and it definitely has some stunning scenes, but the soundtrack and lack of the Star Wars fanfare at the beginning really annoyed me.   Anyway, I am certainly on board with most of Jenny’s comments regarding Rogue One.

I guess I could just post every video she’s made, but that is silly.  I just had to share my appreciation for this wildly hilarious woman.  You may find yourself going down the rabbit hole of her other videos – don’t worry, the water’s warm here in YouTubeville.  Don’t resist.  It’s easier this way.


Wednesday is an interesting day for me, so I guess we’ll see what happens.  In the meantime, here is a fun article from io9 that points out that one of the choral sections of the Rogue One soundtrack is a slowed down version of the Imperial March.



Holiday Cheer & Some Quick Thoughts on Recent Movies

We put up our holiday tree today while listening to the Real Jazz SiriusXM station so all in all, today was a nice afternoon.  The 6 mile run in the morning was also much-needed but ends up kind of knocking us out in terms of energy for the rest of the day.  So yeah, we got the tree up, watched last night’s SNL with Emma Stone (we thought it was hilarious), and now I’m thinking, do I drink a glass of wine OR do I drink TWO glasses of wine right now?

Man, what a week this past one has been!  The Jeopardy! stuff has been pretty crazy to consider and relive, and of course it brings up the woudla-couldas that are awful and terrible.  I’ve gotten over these feelings before and I will again, with time and realizing there is no fucking time machine so get over it.  🙂

In the meantime, recent movie recommendations for you:  Go see Arrival, it’s amazing; go see Moana, it’s wonderful and the music is so good.   Below is one of my favorite songs, “We Know the Way,” but there are so many other great songs too.  It’s a really wonderful movie.

Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts… were both enjoyable, although with the passage of time, there wasn’t really anything super remarkable about either that would make me rave about them.  Really looking forward to La La Land – just take a look at these trailers:

If that one alone doesn’t just make your heart swell with happiness, I don’t really want to know you.

And then the songs…and the LA scenery….I get tears just watching and listening.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone ooze charisma and charm in these spots.  The following is the first song released ahead of the movie, and I just really can not wait to see this movie – we need this kind of movie magic now:

Honestly, every time we’ve seen a trailer for this in the movie, I almost feel like standing up and clapping as it just seems so damn magical.

Of course, the other movie coming up I can’t wait for is Rogue One, and happily PwC is providing us a preview screening the Thursday before the Friday it officially opens.  This time, unlike last year’s screening for The Force Awakens, we can bring guests, so yeah, Larry & I are going.  We’ll of course likely be seeing it again…and again.  Very hopeful, and after what my friend George has described, I feel confident in that hope.

So here’s to December not being as shitty as November! 🙂

The Rogue One Official Trailer is here!

And dear lord it is fucking fantastic:

The crazy level of magnitude increases when you see the Death Star…



….the bad-assery of all the team that Felicity Jones assembles (blind guy getting shit done, the murderous robot…LOVE IT)…


…the bad-guy-in-white’s INTENSE stare at something…


…the shot of the AT-AT getting knocked in the head by an RPG….


…and the defiant, persistent march towards something with a giant Tie Fighter waiting for her?  HOLY SHIT.


The music, everything….I love that December is the month of new Star Wars movies.  LOVE IT.

And oh yeah….this?

Vader_RogueOneJust take my money now.  VADER is back, bitches.  This prequel is what we all deserved the first time around, just saying.

I liked collecting the various trailers for Force Awakens, so here’s the also-stellar teaser trailer for Rogue One:

And then there’s this “Celebration Reel” of behind-the-scenes footage which is also simply stunning!