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Ancient Ephesus (2011 Trip) pics!

September 5, 2011 – Ancient Ephesus (and Kusadasi)

I uploaded pics I took while Larry & I were in the amazing and ancient city of Ephesus during our fantastic Mediterranean cruise.  That was a particularly hot day on the vacation and the excavation site at Ephesus was MOBBED with people.  We weren’t about to not go on an excursion though, and it was fascinating to hear the history of this place as our tour guide walked us through the ancient ruins.  Of course, having just been to Rome and Athens, places that are the kings of ruins, you begin to get jaded.  It’s like when you go to art museum after art museum on a vacation – like what happened when traveling with Jason & Wendy so many years ago – you just get tired of art.  Tired, I say!

The Ancient City of Ephesus, Turkey

Lunch in Kusadasi & Evening Departure

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