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3 Years Ago….Gorgeous Montenegro

Google photos has a feature that helps remind you of past memories you’ve happened to take pictures of, and today’s reminder of travels past is that 3 years ago today, Larry & I took our excursion into Kotor in Montenegro.  It was an initially dreary and rainy day, but the clouds parted and the scenery was unveiled as just amazing….

Med Cruise II: Surprising Kotor

And holy shit, I just saw that WordPress will automatically make some nice little clickable box for you if you link a separate wordpress page into it.  Awesome.

It just makes me excited to think about our upcoming trip in September to Paris & London!

I also thought I’d show some other pictures from this month that are random and may not exactly fit into anything except being some of our wedding gifts:

Pretty great stuff there – that wood carving blows my mind how intricate it is.  Guess Dad is still feeling good at the ol’ saw.