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I love this song and video so much.  A little bit Robert Palmer video, a little bit random hot guy sightings, and a whole lot of bad-ass Ida Corr and her posse singing a fun dance song.

Anyway, I’m back from Boston!  I totally missed Big Brother this week – so I’ll be catching up and do a minimal post tomorrow I’m sure about what happened (I ended up finding out going on Twitter – d’oh!  Bye Becky!).  So glad to be home though!

Evacuate the Dancefloor (MM)

No, I haven’t been dancing and I don’t have a correspondingly awesome tale to tell about the craziness of said adventure!  I think that needs to change though – I’d love to head back to Splash or Posh or Therapy again soon.  Those places are so much fun.  No, I’m just quoting one of my favorite recent dance songs called, appropriately, ‘Evacuate the Dancefloor’ by Cascada.  If you listen to dance music at all or pop radio, you’ve probably heard it.

Enjoy the tune, if you can hear it.  I freakin’ love this song.  Not that I’m done or over the Beatles, puhlease.  But I can’t live a 24/7 Beatles life.   But you can rest assured that during this November, I’m walking my morning NYC commute to the beat of ‘Evacuate the Dancefloor.’  And lovin’ it.

I found out, via my coworker Evan, that according to WolframAlpha, having the first name of Hobart puts me in a rare class indeed.   The name hit its peak in 1896 (!) and it’s estimated I am one of 890 people left in the world with this name.  If you have not had the pleasure of exploring the WolframAlpha search engine, you should try it.  It’s a very peculiar yet very informative way of exploring information.  Check it out at this link:


Then just type your name, or use any of their suggestions for other things to search.  Very cool.

Ah yes, in 30 Rockefeller Plaza News, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree has arisen yet again!  It’s fresh off the truck though and the tree-lighting ceremony isn’t until the beginning of December, so in the meantime, it’s getting lit and prepared for the big lighting ceremony.  Alas, let the flow of FTPs commence.  Sigh…  It won’t really bother me as much as I’ll only be truly bothered by it at lunchtime – my evening commute doesn’t involve trekking across the Plaza through the unnamed hordes, so I should be good.  🙂

I am pretty much over the crappy day from yesterday.  Although I think I’ve found out that people think I’m crazy.  Like one day I’m happy, the next day I’m not.  Yeah, well, welcome to my world.  If that is a problem, well, tough.  Some days I’m good and I can deal even if you happen to be a total prick to me; other days, not so much.

I need to go to sleep now though.  It would be good to get to bed before midnight.  I can’t let myself open up Under the Dome though (Stephen King’s latest book).  I read a few chapters last night and it’s already incredibly addicting.  It’s a fairly violent and gruesome story so far.  I am fairly certain that a movie version, while inevitable, will be pretty graphic.  My imagination is already taking care of the visualizations!