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Chrismukkah is here!

It’s been fun to move every 2 years or so and determine where next our fake Christmas tree will go.  In Santa Monica, it was right there in the living room up against the big wall of windows…

1-IMG_1568Then we moved.

We had a big foyer entrance area in Silver Lake, and it was a nice out of the way place to put our tree as there was absolutely no room in what was the living room area.

1-IMG_2459And we moved again.

Now we’re in a smaller place but there are more interesting areas available to us in the apartment to put up our tree.  We chose the corner where normally our breakfast nook table is.  But now we moved that table (which is now the Hanukkah table) out of that corner and our tree has center stage.  It looks pretty great!

I especially like that we can represent a multi-culti religious spectacle while not really caring either way.  🙂