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Toys in the Attic

My mom called me earlier this week with some mind-blowing news – she had been getting boxes down from the garage area and had noticed one that said, “Transformers + Legos.”  She knew immediately to call me.  I didn’t know what to expect when opening that box, as I really really thought I had long ago lost these toys.  For some reason, I’d been dragging along the giant Metroplex and giant walking T-rex Decepticon city in all my moves, yet I had no recollection of what had happened to all my smaller toys.  Same with my Legos.  I figured that I must have had a moment of “I’m not a baby anymore” and thrown them out.  So yeah, we went over to my mom’s and she was just as excited as I was to open the box…

Rediscovering Lost Treasures of Childhood – Jan 24, 2016

…and sure enough, there they all were.  What seemed like a small box really wasn’t all that small, as every Transformer was in there.  PLUS, my Lego briefcase with all my color-coded Lego baggies.  All KINDS of flashbacks and memories were coming back.  It had been DECADES since I’d seen these toys.  It’s still mind-boggling to me that they are there.  They’re not exactly in mint condition…hell, they’re mostly in passable condition, some actually in poor condition, but they are still around and that blows my mind more than anything.  Larry was having a blast seeing all these and remembering that he had many of the same toys too.

In non-Transformers news, Larry & I went with Nicki & Brian to Terrino restaurant in West LA to scope it out for a rehearsal dinner site.  Pretty fantastic food and a great vibe.  Should be a winner!

Terrino – Jan 23, 2016