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A Fantastic Bachelor Party Evening!

Well well well….ended up needing all of Sunday to recover from the fun of Saturday, but it was all worth it.  Nicki ended up setting up quite a bit, if not all, of the activities in motion and I can’t thank her enough for taking that on and making this weekend pretty much stress-free.

Our pre-gaming activity was to have dinner just down the street from The Abbey in West Hollywood at the restaurant called Tortilla Republic.  Hooo boy – the food is fucking great, but damn, the wait staff and hosts were fucking stunning models.  Ridiculous.  Our waiter was particularly Larry’s type, which we affectionately call “Stripper-with-Glasses.”  That’s not a bad type at all, mind you.  It’s just obvious when you see it.  We ended up taking an UberSUV from Glendale, with Michancy having driven down earlier in the afternoon and taking a disco nap, and stister Stacie and friend Kathy joining us having gotten a hotel room right up the street so we could all travel together.  A very eventful ride conversation ensued ensuring that Uber driver had a story to tell! Mila & Sveta Uber’d separately as did Nicki but we all luckily managed to meet up pretty much on time and the weather cooperated and stopped raining.  Yay!

Now that we had properly stocked up on some food to soak up the inbound alcohol, while also marinating all that food with margaritas from the restaurant, we walked the nice walk up to The Abbey, the very fun and awesome West Hollywood gay bar/institution.  It’s such a fucking great place to just go and have fun, as you’ve seen a few times on this here site.  Nicki had reserved a table for our group, which also expanded with some more friends joining us, including Rekha, Jacen & Daniel, Sarah, Paras & Carey, as well as Carey’s sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

We were initially settled in and provided with our bottle service by a PHENOMENALLY well-muscled, I mean WELL-MUSCLED hot server with biceps that could fucking knock you out when flexed, who we of course took some pictures of.  Incredible.  He ended up not staying around the entire time, but there was a handsome security guy who kept our table area running great and made sure nobody messed around with our area and also had us cut to the front of the bathroom lines as hey, bottle service comes with perks!, while of course there was an endless stream of gogo-dancers to marvel at.  Some of them were ridiculously good-looking and it was wonderful.  There’s always of course great music to dance to and I think it helped that I was dancing quite a bit as my hangover on Sunday probably could have been worse otherwise.  Anyway, the pictures shown here should probably help you get an understanding of the fun.  Good times had by all, and as I find more pictures from that night from others, I’ll add them.

We all did shut the club down, but that’s not saying a lot as Los Angeles still has clubs close at 2, and we got in an UberSUV back home, dropping Stacie & Kathy off at their hotel and then us back at home to pass out and question our life choices!  Yeah, it wasn’t anywhere near one of my baddest hangovers, but I certainly had a reluctance to do anything and just generally felt shitty.  No puking (yay!) and I finished my re-read of The Passage and am ready to commence The Twelve which is the next book in Justin Cronin’s series.

Bachelor Party shenanigans ahead!

Time just keeps zooming by and here we are at this weekend, where it’s time to have our joint bachelor party with a good group of friends!  There may or may not be pictures from tonight’s event….that all assumes any hangover subsides sometime tomorrow.  🙂  Michancy is coming down for the fun (yay!) too, which always makes for a good weekend.

3 more weeks!  How is that possible???