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Cue From Jenny

This YouTube video made me laugh out loud (that would be LOL for you newbies to the ‘Internet’). And if you want to really laugh, go check out Jenny’s site where she has put some HEEElarious videos up, including the first time she got drunk. She still acts like that, by the way. Seriously. Anyways, the cue from Jenny is because she’s been posting lots of YouTube videos up, not because of the content of the video below!

This video is to help keep the heterosexual population from accidentally going gay. You can all thank me later for this valuable insight.

“Sweetie, pass the chips…” – again laughed out pretty loud at that one!

So my goal today was to have gone to the doctor this afternoon after working a half-day or so at the Englewood Cliffs/CNBC location. Well, I did the whole work thing for the first part of the day, and then I drove to my doctor using my trusty GPS. Well, my ‘little bit racist’ (see Avenue Q to get my reference) side came out when I realized that my doctor was smack dab in the hood of West New York, which is up on the palisades part of the city. You see, I live down by the river, and usually ‘down by the river’ implies the shady part of town. But alas, West New York likes to turn things on its ear, as you may have already surmised. First, the name of the city alone makes you think, “oh, it’s in New York…” WRONG. “Ooooh, the Palisades, that sounds pretty…” WRONG. “ohhhhh, down by the river???” WRONG. All sorts of backwardsness, let me tell you. So anyways, once you go up top to the Palisades of West New York, which admittedly has an awesomer view of Manhattan than ‘down by the river’, you enter the poorer side of town. And as I realized I was driving around the heart of it and I’d have to park somewhere in the ghetto (cue Cartman singing), I was like, “Peace Out, Yo” and I am so not stopping here. So back to Health Coach I go and get some recommendations, maybe in the WASPy area of Edgewater or just go somewhere in Manhattan.

And that’s that.

Inventor of the Internet! Pshaw.

So while my foot wasn’t really in my mouth, my mental foot was definitely in my mental mouth, if that actually makes any kind of sense.

We had a meeting at work today with some folks from various companies that deal with telecommunications technologies. From one company there were three guys who were telling us about one of their upcoming really groovy products that may be a great tool for our use in the future (I have to be intentionally vague in the details of what company and technology we were talking about, sorry!) but the main guy talking kept throwing things into the conversation like, “well, when I was designing the Internet…” or “when I designed that into the Internet, I was thinking that….” and seriously, I kept secretly rolling my eyes back into my head because I was like, “PuhLEASE stop claiming you invented the Internet”. Honestly. I think we all know that Al Gore was responsible for that (Okay, that’s an old joke, my bad). But seriously, he kept tossing these little bon-bons of fun out into the conversation and I definitely picked up on them. So after the FOUR HOUR Meeting finally ended, me and my boss eventually had a chance to sit down and talk about what our thoughts were. I actually had some smart things to say about things and my boss agreed with my assessment. But then snarkyHobie came out…and I started joking with my boss about this guy’s frequent claims about inventing the Internet. I went into full-on mock mode, doing my snobby voice and saying things like, “Well, yes, after I invented the Internet I had a chocolate sundae…” and “if you had invented the Internet, you’d understand things sooooo much better”…. yes, I was totally in my groove as I can only get when I’m mocking someone…especially behind their back. My boss and I had a good laugh…until my boss decided to do some googling of ‘Creators of the Internet’….which I wish he hadn’t. Because on the very first fucking page of results, THERE WAS THIS GUY’S NAME. I literally met one of the creators of the Internet today, and had the tenacity to mock him (at least it wasn’t to his face). There’s not too many people who can actually claim they’ve changed the world…but this guy has every right to say he did. I am such an asshole.

So I’ve been gone for a bit from the website, haven’t I? Well, it’s been kinda busy around HobieLand lately. A week ago I was in LA to see one of my best friends Mila get married and of course dance the Hava Nagila. I took pictures but I haven’t downloaded them yet from my camera and I will totally do that probably tomorrow (don’t you love that sentence – totally and probably are so totally probably related). It was such a great time to not only go home and see my family and their home and get some awesome food (In-N-Out Burgers and the illustrious meal of roasted chicken, italian sausage stuffing, mashed potatoes and broccoli are beyond compare) and to see some of my great friends from high school was awesome. When i put the pictures up tomorrow (after getting home I’m sure late as work has definitely picked up) I’ll explain more. But just know it was a lot of fun.

And my social life has been a lot more fun than I would ever have hoped after getting out of the military. It’s a relief to have this part of life finally.

Anyways, I just wanted to finally throw out an update before Thanksgiving and to tell my ridiculous story above. I should have some pictures up tomorrow once I get home (I’m staying up way too late for YOU!) so stay tuned!

And finally, I have to say thanks to everyone who’s not let the fact that I’m gay change things between us. You can probably imagine the fear and nervousness I had in finally being truthful (or at the least, not being untruthful…?) about things, but I guess let’s be honest, it wasn’t exactly hard (sts) to figure out. I’m no different than I was when you knew me before and don’t let my hot pink daisy dukes tell you any different….JUST KIDDING. They’re yellow. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA.

Remember, pics tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.