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A Great Visit with Mom and Harv (T-121)

It was a short visit, but so worthwhile. I love them so much.

I’ll get into more details about the visit in my next update as I want to put the pictures up that we took, but they came in Thursday and we had a great time visiting each other and seeing the sights. Well, we saw the Air Force Academy and of course…Cripple Creek. But it was definitely a special visit and one i’ll never forget.

Other than looking forward to their visit and since then, it’s been boring work and actually some good more feedback on my resume. Also hanging out with my amazing friends. I really can’t imagine leaving this city now. Anyways, I also wanted to update briefly because I finally got my act together and got ANOTHER day of Europe pictures up – this time from the second day when we went on a day trip to Salisbury, Stonehenge, and Bath. Paris is almost here!