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Dammit, Unnamed Survivor Contestant, why you?

Survivor: Cagayan (Season 28) – Episode 8: Bag of Tricks

LJ….blissfully unaware LJ

Survivor, dammit, how could you let this happen?  How could you let “Unnamed” (pictured, here, and not named so that my FB share won’t accidentally reveal a spoiler) get so clearly outplayed?  By Tony, the ADDest of Strategists, or rather, the “Opportunist” (ugh, that name…), of all people.  Absolutely everyone was witnessing his paranoia and seemingly well aware of his need to “make moves” so how could LJ so blatantly miss out on what was happening against him?  And wow, Woo certainly isn’t the brightest of bulbs, is he, to so easily fall for Tony’s suggestions?

Antsy Tony and Pawn Woo

Mind you, I’m LOVING this season of Survivor.  It really is full of a bunch of great characters, whether it’s “Chaos Kass” who makes completely impulsive and emotional moves but she claims it’s strategy; or Tasha, who along with Spencer, managed to survive the ludicrous Brains tribe and keep fighting her way to the end.  I loved that she won Immunity this time after being so close last week.  Spencer is also a favorite as just like Tasha, keeps charging ahead.  And you know who else is kicking ass?  Trish!  Even though she had her dustups with that wacko Lindsay at the beginning, she always had a level head and is making super smart moves along the way.

Chaos Kass and Crafty Trish

I have no idea who is set to win this all but I’m enjoying the ride, immensely.  I had to share this extra video below of LJ’s arrival at Ponderosa, which is where the jury members go after getting voted off. It’s glorious – he’s so fucking hot.  Then he decides to go for a beach workout…..I swear I’m getting the vapors up in here.  Where’s my fainting couch?


Damn, I Broke the Streak

It finally happened – I missed creating a post.  DAMMIT!   I was ready to go 365 days and humblebrag that I managed to write a post at least once every day of 2014.  But then, I ended up finally catching a cold and really feeling it on Wednesday morning.  THEN, I got home and after we had dinner and watched Survivor (Larry & I are both bummed that Spencer’s alliance keeps getting decimated by “Chaos Kass” but next week’s previews hold out hope that there’s a break in the majority alliance, even if it’s likely false hope), I went upstairs and got utterly absorbed in playing Diablo III.  Yes, this game came out over a year ago but now that Blizzard went and ripped out the Real-Money Auction House and seemed to redo the game to make it feel more like a Diablo II experience, I had to try it out again.  It’s a lot of fun.  So now I’m juggling replays of Final Fantasy VIII on my PC, Final Fantasy X on PS3, Diablo III on my PC and trying to keep reading on my Kindle.  There’s a lot to juggle.  So yeah, I wrapped up some Diablo III, thought briefly about posting, but immediately dumped that thought and went downstairs to take some needed NyQuil and go the fuck to sleep.  So I did.  DAMMIT!!!!!

Survivor: Cagayan – Well, THAT was a Move!

Survivor 28: Cagayan – Episode 7

April 2, 2014

Admittedly, I haven’t been the best at keeping up to date on this here site concerning the latest season of Survivor!  But don’t think that means I haven’t been watching as I have and this season has been vastly entertaining.

We first got to witness the Brains tribe continue to self-destruct until finally the producers just had to stop the bleeding and go to 2 tribes.   Surprisingly, the remaining Braining Threesome (Spencer, Tasha and Kass) ended up on the same tribe and realized there was power in their bond.  It looked like a road to the finals was awaiting them.  But alas, the best laid plans frequently turn to shit.


In this episode, Sarah the Cop realized her prime position of being a 6th for either of the 2 five-person alliances and completely overplayed her hand owing to her massive inability to play a social game.  But Sarah wasn’t the only one who can play a socially terrible game!  Oh no, Kass wanted in on this.  So while the Brains+Morgan+Jeremiah were concocting their strategy with Sarah, she kept demanding and insisting that the vote go towards a guy on the other tribe, specifically LJ or Tony.  She was sure neither had idols (wrong) and the girls were the wrong focus for now.  Kass strongly disagreed and resented that Sarah was getting to make the decision.  Even worse, when Tasha tried to do the socially-strong move of repairing this clearly obvious rift between Sarah and Kass, Kass took that as a sign that Tasha no longer was on Kass’ side.  HOLY SHIT.  So, now that she is “on the outs” and wants to punish Sarah, Trish wisely and slyly offers Kass the opportunity to come over and make that happen.


This was an amazing episode!  And it wasn’t anywhere close to being done, as Tribal Council really was exciting.  Tony was clearly wired and ready to be the target, going so far as to declare and eventually display his found Hidden Immunity Idol.  The Brains+M+J alliance makes a big show of “vote for the other one” then, which only intensifies Tony’s grin, as he’s already got this whole scenario mapped out.  Everyone will vote for LJ, then Tony gives his HII to LJ, and BAM! So the vote goes and no vote is shown, and it’s really not clear what’s going to happen.  Before the votes are read, Tony enacts Step 1 of his plan and after “verifying” the idol’s authenticity and looking like he’s about to play it, he gives it to LJ to play.  The Brains+M+J alliance look amused.  Then LJ decides to break out his HII and give it to Tony!  The B+M+J alliance now look PISSED.  I was starting to think they had followed Sarah’s plan to vote for one of the guys at that point, but when Jeff read the first vote for Jefra, I started cackling.  Holy crap, 2 idols just got burned for no reason!  So it goes to 5 votes for Jefra, 5 votes for Sarah…with one left.  And then boom, Kass’ needless betrayal is complete as Sarah is voted out.

I really don’t see an upside of Kass’ move for her.  For everyone on Tony’s side, for sure, this was amazing.  But Kass just jacked herself up.  I was thinking that she’d not make the move and enjoy the fact that Sarah had been proven clearly wrong about Tony having HII and then getting all the votes, but still voting out Jefra and retaining the trust of her core Brains as well as the trust of Jeremiah, Morgan, and Sarah.  But nope,  Sarah needed to be dispensed with and Tasha betrayed her, so byyyyyyeeee!  Everyone knew it was Kass who flipped and she was quite unapologetic about it, prompting Spencer to say out loud that she just ensured she has zero chance of winning the game.  That remains to be seen (I agree with Kass), but unless she can do some masterful spinning, I’m pretty sure Spencer’s right.  Great episode!

And here’s a picture of LJ looking ridiculously handsome because why not?

People this pretty make me sick.
People this pretty make me sick.

Pecs Check, March 2014 (and Survivor thoughts too)

GEEZ – I”m a bit blown away by this picture from a review of 300: Rise of an Empire that AV Club has….

R2_V10B17_80213_CO3_PULLS_01rl_0006.tifIt’s pretty much thisclose to being the scene right before some ridiculously hot gay porn.  Just look at the longing in that guy’s face to the left there.  YOWZA.  Alas, the movie is getting a D from them and so like the other beefcake shown in Hercules, this will likely get a pass from me although I’m happy to give it a nice long stare as I walk by.

Survivor Thoughts – Episode 2 of Season 28:

First, to continue the theme, a random shot of one of the hottest guys that Survivor has ever had on, JP, from Cook Islands, who ended up coming out as gay a little later on.  DAMMMMMMMNNNNNN….



Seriously, this guy is ridiculously hot.  Terrible Survivor player from what I remember, but sometimes you can’t have it all.

As for this season’s shenanigans, it was another very solid and RAINY-AS-HELL episode.  The chromedome cop Tony is certainly playing hard, isn’t he?  I’m not sure if his confession to Sarah (the other cop on the Brawn team) combined with his further duplicitousness on lying about Cliff and Lindsay is a smart strategy, but what do I know?  I’d be a terrible Survivor player.

Over on Brains, the tribe made some progress, right?  They practiced (with a snarky Blue Danube soundtrack playing them on) for the challenge and even though it seemed to have absolutely no effect on their performance in the Immunity/Reward challenge, at least with respect to the buckets portion, in the pretty sweet Puzzle side of things, they certainly held their own while Beauty managed to stumble.

In the first time that a team other than Brains had to scramble, Beauty showed a little promise.  Unfortunately, in terms of entertaining characters, the end result was that Brice got evicted.  Slow burn Jeremiah (I think he’s getting cuter/hotter by the episode) had a chance to determine which alliance he wanted to stay in, and he made the choice to keep a strong 4-person alliance (with LJ, Jefra and Alexis) over a 3-person alliance (with Brice and Morgan).  There was a chance for him to flip in the end as we had a tie-vote, but nope, it was time to say goodbye to Brice.

Good season though, and it’s refreshing to have no returning players!

Survivor: Cagayan – Brawn v Beauty v Brains BEGINS!

Episode 1 (2 hours!) – Feb 26, 2014

I definitely don’t have the motivation to do as much work on a Survivor recap as I do the Amazing Race, but that isn’t going to stop me from doing something.   So the premiere of the 28th season was last night and it was epic.  EPIC.   But to get things started, I’ve collected some pics from the episode for your perusal, as damn(!), there is plenty to look at.  I’ve got nothing for ya if you’re looking for chicks though.

There was a veritable treasure trove of good-looking guys. But that wasn’t too surprising since the theme of this season, at least initially, is Brawn vs Beauty vs Brains.  Ugh, I know.  It’s such an annoying concept.  But if you actually watched the episode, you ended up seeing that despite those conceits, the two-hour block was a lot of fun.

Why was it fun?  Because we got to watch the sheer insanity that went on at the Brains tribe:

  • Absolutely no brains were applied to strategy.  David made a terrible blunder in sending Garrett off in that first vote.  Kass was telling J’Tia she was the target.  Garrett insisted on a no-scheming zone.  Tribal Council was a display of utter stupidity by pretty much everyone. Unbelievable.
  • The challenges….OY.  The first challenge with the cart and treasure chests was a bloodbath and the Brains were never in contention.  The second challenge where the Brains had a ridiculous and commanding lead and THEN PROCEEDED TO LOSE the challenge entirely was jaw-dropping.
  • Gotta say though – I was pretty good with being able to watch Garrett interact with everyone at camp in only his small black boxer-briefs.  He was ridiculously in shape but as the 2 hours went on, it was clear this was not his game.  You can’t “not” play the game and expect others to do the same. Even worse, you have to have some sense of what Survivor is about.  He was the worst.  Damn attractive with a slammin’ body, but the worst.  PS:  totally think he’s on my team.  Just sayin’.

In the end, the first two eliminated were both from the Brains team:  David (who played the wrong game; as written a LOT on the AV Club forum, “playing a post-merge game pre-merge” <– this x1000) and then Garrett, which was a blindside to him as well as to me and I think many of the viewers.  CBS hid it well and made it seem clear that J’Tia was a likely and deserving goner in the 2nd episode – but Garrett’s complete self-destruction at that 2nd tribal council clearly convinced Kass that he had to go.  And go he did.  Mind you, this was AFTER J’TIA HAD PROCEEDED TO DUMP ALL OF THEIR RICE INTO THE FIRE.  They STILL voted him out over her.  It’s almost too much.  But it made for a fantastic start, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.