Damn, I Broke the Streak

It finally happened – I missed creating a post.  DAMMIT!   I was ready to go 365 days and humblebrag that I managed to write a post at least once every day of 2014.  But then, I ended up finally catching a cold and really feeling it on Wednesday morning.  THEN, I got home and after we had dinner and watched Survivor (Larry & I are both bummed that Spencer’s alliance keeps getting decimated by “Chaos Kass” but next week’s previews hold out hope that there’s a break in the majority alliance, even if it’s likely false hope), I went upstairs and got utterly absorbed in playing Diablo III.  Yes, this game came out over a year ago but now that Blizzard went and ripped out the Real-Money Auction House and seemed to redo the game to make it feel more like a Diablo II experience, I had to try it out again.  It’s a lot of fun.  So now I’m juggling replays of Final Fantasy VIII on my PC, Final Fantasy X on PS3, Diablo III on my PC and trying to keep reading on my Kindle.  There’s a lot to juggle.  So yeah, I wrapped up some Diablo III, thought briefly about posting, but immediately dumped that thought and went downstairs to take some needed NyQuil and go the fuck to sleep.  So I did.  DAMMIT!!!!!

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