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Fran & Joel Out in Los Angeles / UFOs

Last night we drove down to DTLA to meet up with Fran & Joel as they’re out here for a banking convention.  We’ve not seen them since our engagement and Fran hasn’t seen Larry even when he got sick, so it was good that we all got a chance to see each other.  Not that Larry is doing bad, in fact, he’s doing pretty great.  Just can’t drink for now.  🙁


Anyway, did you hear the story about the Trident missile that got test-launched over Los Angeles?  I was one of the many many people last night who did see that while we were driving down in to the city and believe me, I really didn’t know what the hell I was seeing.  It was kinda surreal as to me, it looked like a spotlight from a hovering aircraft, but you couldn’t see the aircraft.  I almost thought maybe a blimp’s searchlight was what I was seeing, but I did actually see the blimp that was hovering over the Coliseum for the USC game, so I knew that wasn’t it.  I didn’t think much more of it after it disappeared and then when I looked at my phone later, my NBC4LA app headline briefly talked about residents seeing weird lights in the sky, and I realized I wasn’t crazy!  While the rational side of me can appreciate the story of it being a missile test-launch to remind other countries we also have long-range ballistic missiles, I also like the idea that it was a UFO checking out the lights of DTLA.  As you can see below, they’re pretty!

2015 11 07 – Driving Downtown at Night

Dinner at Public School with Fran & Joel

More Shots of the Oviatt

Fran & Joel were up for some walking, so we walked from their hotel at the JW Marriott to Public School for dinner, then from there, it was just a few blocks over to the Oviatt.  We couldn’t go up top, but we did want to show them what it looked like.  It’s pretty cool at the bottom at night all lit up.

Maybe the Oviatt?

Actually, yes, the Oviatt.  As in Oviatt Penthouse.  For a wedding.  As it is awesome.  We just came back from a tour of it and it is just amazing.  The building that the Oviatt is in old and has tons of art deco styling, but the views from when you’re up top are just fantastic.  Plus, while we were waiting at the bottom before heading up, both Larry & I thought it looked REALLY familiar to what American Horror Story: Hotel‘s setting was, and it turns out, it IS the setting for the show.  Obviously it’s sets for pretty much everything, but the exterior was what was used.  That’s AWESOME. Plus a ton of the interiors were used for the movie The Artist while also used in Mad Men.  So yeah, we’re pretty much sold.  Now it’s just getting a date set, I think.  We’re going to sleep on it, but I think it’s kind of what we want and it’s great.  I know I said this about the Queen Mary too, and while that is a fantastic venue, the Oviatt kind of trumps it in terms of thinks we’re wanting. Here, take a gander at some of the pictures:

The Oviatt Building from outside

This is the exterior of the building – the Hotel Cortez for you AHS fans.  Otherwise, it’s the Oviatt building.  I think.

These are some of the shots of the interior areas where you’d hang out after the ceremony and during the reception.  Art Deco all over the place.

Up top – this is pretty fantastic.

And yeah, the exterior is pretty cool.  I could like this.

All the shots I took are below:

Touring the Oviatt Penthouse – Oct 17, 2015