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This Week’s Pop Culture Media Addictions!

I’ve got so many addictions when it comes to pop culture, and you know what, I want to write about them.   Thank GOD I’ve got a blog…so I can do whatever I want!  We’ll run down all the major categories, as well, I love all pop culture. MOVIES: Footloose (2011): Well, well, well….a remake of […]

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Merry Christmas (T-249)

Another one done. When you’re alone for the holidays, they pretty much suck. Didn’t go home for the holidays, and all my friends here went away. So today was sort of anticlimactic, like last year. Oh well, another thing to add to the list of things wonderful about being a flight commander and being in […]

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Snow Day!!!!!! (T-253)

HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So last night I went to bed and sent a wish to whoever would listen that there would indeed be a snow day. Not a 2-hour delay. An actual snow day. So I woke up once, in eager anticipation, at 3:45 this morning all aglow – but remembering, through the foggy haze of […]