Morning at the gym

I have made a life change – I am working out in the mornings again.  I will admit that one day does not a habit make, but it’s a start.  I finally had to admit to myself that my workout habits have been broken due to the fact that at work, I typically end up having to stay late for issues.  So when this happens, by the time the crisis is resolved, it’s late enough for me to say Eff that to working out.  Mornings though almost always are a slow start, and would guarantee that I can get some exercise in.  So I got up at 6:15 AM (!!!! – I haven’t done that since AF times, I swear), got ready and headed in to the gym at work.  I realized then that NYC is definitely a city that does sleep, it’s just not until 7am in the morning.  My commute was awesome!!!  The subways were not crowded and the sidewalks were almost…quiet.  I could get used to this.  It was great to be done and it is a good way to get awake, although I still grabbed a cup of coffee afterwards.  So Day 1 done – here’s hoping I can stick with it.

This weekend was Larry’s birthday weekend.  He got the first season of Star Trek on Blu-Ray and some awesome center orchestra tickets to see West Side Story on Broadway this week.  He’s got a great boyfriend.  We also went to see ‘Up’ (so good…and so emotional too!), went to the Whitney museum (not Whitney Houston, alas; it’s a very cool museum focused on American art); had BENIHANA for dinner (I LOVE that place); also saw Terminator Salvation on Sunday.  I enjoyed the movie and it does seem that it is keeping in step with events that have been told in the earlier movies.  I’m not sure it’s that great of a movie… I really enjoyed the first three a lot more (I watched T1 last night at home – damn that movie still is good).

So now back at work.  It should be a good week as we’ll get to see West Side Story on Wednesday and if all goes well, I’ll even get home every night at a decent hour as my workout will be done in the morning.  I’m also going to be writing for RealityNewsOnline the Thursday night recap of ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!’  I enjoy writing for the webpage and it gives me something to do that has nothing to do with my job, although this time the show is on NBC….  🙂

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