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Maybe a Mistake Was Made

BB18 Episode 12 – July 17, 2016

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Well, it was certainly a risk to keep Tiffany around instead of Bronte.  It was so delicious to think that Tiffany could be the one to get all the blood on her hands in taking Frank out….but then Frank went and got safety yet again because one of his team members, Paulie, won HoH.  Ruh roh!  So yeah, Tiffany is now a ticking time bomb and Frank is in a cement bunker safe from harm.  Tick….tock….tick….tock….

But First, Frank and DaVonne Drop the Charade

BB18_Ep12_DaVonneFrankHaveitOut BB18_Ep12_FrankDaVonneReconcileFrank is on the warpath knowing that the eviction didn’t go his way.  Nicole is his first target, and she does an admirable job lying to his face insisting it wasn’t her.  Then Tiffany starts dropping bombs about the fact that she’s only acting this way because Frank was coming after her, which he responds to with the fact that DaVonne told him Tiffany was coming after him.  All of this is true, but DaVonne vocally denies ever telling him anything about Tiffany, and now we’ve got a house argument!!!  Woot woot.  DaVonne then calls Frank out for targeting her and he doesn’t deny it.  Ruh roh!  Happily for me, DaVonne knows what is happening and that she’s the one causing this scene, so she leaves the room to let the situation diffuse, which it actually does.  Getting wise on your second playthrough, DaVonne!  Let’s hope that continues.

Anyway, we get a reconciliation of sorts between Frank and DaVonne, with her claiming to be over the whole harassment stuff and him saying he was coming after her as he just got a bad vibe from her.  So they pledge to move forward from this point, but of course privately, both don’t trust the other.

Target: Tiffany

BB18_Ep12_PauliesTargetPaulie, shirtless, insists that with Frank safe, which he apologizes for, Tiffany is the long overdue target.  No one disagrees.  Most are actually regretting their choice to evict Bronte now.  Hindsight is 20/20 of course, because if someone outside of Frank’s team had won, then this week would be pretty damn easy.  At least much easier than it is proving to be.

And Big Brother producers?

BB18_Ep12_MoreofThisPaulieMuch more of this, please.

Tiffany’s a Free Agent

BB18_Ep12_FrankTiffany_AllyFeeling like a pariah, Tiffany is all emotions.  She decides to chat with Frank and find out why he targeted her.  The whole idea that it was because of DaVonne is brought up and Tiffany decides to make a deal with the person she was completely against, as she really has no other choice.  Frank is feeling the same way, and an uneasy alliance is born.  Of course, DaVonne walks in on this accidentally and immediately turns around, but knows full well what was going on.

After talking to her friends up in the HoH room, DaVonne knows more damage control has to happen.  Before that, we do get Tiffany being a complete bitch to Nicole, who is pretty bad at feigning empathy towards her.  Awesome day, all around. But then DaVonne heads down to calm the emotional Tiffany maelstrom a bit…

BB18_Ep12_DaVonneTiffany_LongTalk BB18_Ep12_TiffanyMoreThanTheyExpectedThis conversation was pretty spectacular, in that I give all the props in the world to DaVonne for not losing her cool.  She knows Tiffany is feeling wounded and alone and is basically all emotions, so the best tack is to just let Tiffany vent.  After a lengthy game of #WhatsUp, Tiffany does start to attack and vent, feeling like everyone is against her.  Da wisely points out Tiffany is still in the house, but Tiffany isn’t completely stupid and knows she was kept only to target Frank.

BB18_Ep12_ListeningOutsideMeanwhile, Paul & Nicole are hilariously snooping outside the door.  I’m very impressed that Paul has been able to calm the fuck down and let the rest of the house duke it out while the target on his back basically disappears.  Nice reactive move there, Paul.  Anyway….

BB18_Ep12_DaVonnceComfortsTiffanyWe eventually get to this phase of the conversation as DaVonne insists that Tiffany HAS to calm the fuck down and get her shit together.  It’s frankly the best thing she could say, and insists that this moment is outside the game.   It seems to work…for the moment?

Nominations Time

BB18_Ep12_Nominations BB18_Ep12_TiffanyTheMistakeWell, DaVonne may have done some damage control, but that didn’t change Tiffany’s fate in getting nominated.  Paulie still wants crazytown out of the house, and the pawn this week is Natalie.  Sorry, James!  But what could make this episode have some conflict?  What if someone dramatic wins the BB Roadkill challenge?

The BB Roadkill – Again

BB18_Ep12_RoadkillI’ve said it recently, but I’m just not a fan of the Roadkill twist, and I want the teams to be dissolved post haste.  In the meantime, I guess we have to deal.  In this comp, each houseguest had to hang a series of air fresheners on colored ropes, with whoever doing it the fastest winning the challenge.  Any fallen air fresheners are out of play.

As I hinted at, this episode gets more interesting if someone dramatic wins this….and there’s no way for any of us to know who actually won except by what was told to us, and apparently now I’m a truther about BB.  I find it hard to believe that Tiffany wins, but she does, so here we are.

One More Nomination, Please, and Make it a Big One

BB18_Ep12_Roadkill_Corey BB18_Ep12_3Nominees_withCoreyGiant mancandy gets the target on him this week, as Tiffany decides to make Paulie pay by hurting his minions, one of which is big ol’ Corey.  LOOK AT HOW BIG THIS GUY IS.  Lordy lordy.

BB18_Ep12_CoreyPaulie_TogetherI like this setup.  And it’s so jarring to see either how huge Corey is or how small Paulie is… Maybe it’s a bit of both?  Anyway, Tiffany is out for revenge via Corey, and we’ll see I guess if this plan works for her.  Stranger things have happened?   And Veto can be interesting!

Status & Standings

BB18_Ep12_StandingsHead of Household:  Paulie
Nominated for Eviction:  Tiffany & Natalie
BB Roadkill Winner:  Tiffany
Roadkill Nomination:  Corey

So Sunday night was night ONE of FOUR nights this week.  That’s almost too much Big Brother for one week.  I can’t imagine what Friday’s episode will be, unless there are just that many competitions to go through in the Battle Back.  I think I liked when it was just one competition….guessing CBS is running out of content this summer?

Next, Tiffany Makes Every Effort to Stay –>

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