More Cloverfield….!? UM, YES PLEASE

Yes, I unapologetically loved the hell out of Cloverfield.  It was a fun take on the Godzilla-style monster movie and being someone who actually lived in the NYC area when it released, I was totally stoked.

This trailer is also a lot of fun as if you didn’t know what this movie was all about, this trailer totally leads you down one path and then BAM! Statue of Liberty head in your face!

Anyway, I loved that movie and always thought it would be interesting to find out a different perspective of those events. From the trailer released today, I don’t think this movie is exactly that.  Hell, I’m not sure at all what the hell to expect from this movie, but with the title of 10 Cloverfield Lane, I’m hoping there is some kind of tie-in.

Yet again, the trailer seems innocuous at first, and almost seems like it may be some quirky drama or comedy. Then “I Think We’re Alone Now” abruptly changes pitch and speed and oh shit what the fuck is going on?  And what does she see?  Is that the end of the movie???  So excited, and the anticipation isn’t going to be too hard to endure as it comes out in March!


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